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  1. Thanx for the that 😉. How can I set the game to vertical position? Aspect Ratio?
  2. Hi, is there a way to save settings is Retroarch per game? Like I want to play Do Donpachi II which should run in a vertical display but runs in horizontal as my main configuration is like that. Can I only change the setting for that game?
  3. Hi, can I please have the 3D box template of Neo Geo please, exact the one that is attached, thank you in advance 🙂
  4. Hi guys, how can I add animated Gif's in launch box on the gameplay or in the back ground as I am not able to do that as I know that you can add video's but Gif's take less space.
  5. What is ahk? And how can I configure it?
  6. Anybody who knows to do it with HotKey ???
  7. Thanx for your reply, I have already done that but it still didn't work ☚ī¸
  8. Or like this now, if I want to launch Street Fighter Ultra I get this error message > Please see Attachment I have already changed the settings in gpedit and still this window pops up and I cannot proceed with the game until I have to use the mouse which I actually don't want to. Because I will make the cabinet mouse or keyboard free.
  9. Never mind, after a lot of googling I downloaded the Mame 2003 pack and all the games are working, thanks for being helpful guys 😉👍
  10. Is there a Command-line that can press "enter" cause if there is then that can solve this problem maybe 🧐, anybody who can assist me with that?
  11. I have removed RetroArch and then Installed and added the cores and it is not lagging anymore. Only I am still having some issues with the roms. Like Ninja Masters, Samurai Showdown 5 and 5 Special, Rage of the Dragon, King of Fighters 95 and Matrimelee is now working. Any tips?
  12. Yes, that's true. That's why it allows all my Neo Geo games to work. If I use the new MAME and add all the bios in there they don't work for me and that is frustrating đŸ˜ĩ if U know what I mean. So please can someone come to any solution or a decent method for me to fix this issue 😊
  13. This is what I am using, please look at the screenshot
  14. Which version of Mame shall I use as I am using 0.64 as that allows me to play almost all Neo Geo games except Rage of the Dragon and Matrimelee
  15. I have tried both of them and they are still laggy. I have a i7 laptop with a good video card so it shouldn't be laggy at all. Mame 2003 Plus core says "Experimental" So it might be the case that they are still working on it.
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