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  1. Ok, but would that launch through BigBox when I will launch Infinos Gaiden? Cause I want the game to be stretched fully and without any issues because the game will be installed on my arcade machine and on my arcade there is no mouse or keyboard. So I would like the game to run smoothly without using a keyboard or a mouse.
  2. I want to run Infinos Gaiden in full screen using Bix box but there is no option in the game itself. If I run game with Borderless Gaming then it makes it into full screen. So that's where I want to make it into full screen with using this app. Is there another method or a script in launchbox to run the game in full screen?
  3. Is there a way to set it up with a specific game that it can be launched together? As there is a game that I want to stretch but I cannot figure it out how to do that in launchbox
  4. Thanx for the tips and advice I really appreciate your help, thank you guys 😊
  5. When I change it to the Supermodel.exe a black screen flashes & then nothing happens. But when I change it back Supermodel-UI.exe then it brings up again the interface. This is really confusing. The rom file is properly mapped to it. I am using the Supermodel UI v 0.9 as shown in the screenshot. The game works fine if I select it in the UI but still don't understand why Launchbox does not accepts it. Any other suggestions?
  6. I am experiencing the same issue but is not working from me. When I try to launch it it launches only the UI. Please look at the screenshots what I am doing wrong in the config of launchbox. In the Associated platform it is mentioned as : Sega Model 3 But there is nothing mention in the Default Command-Line parameters.
  7. Hi, can someone assist me how I can setup the escape button on the controller. I have a controller with 10 buttons and would like one of the buttons to be as an escape button as I am making a closed arcade machine and I dont want to use my keyboard with it. Thanks in advance πŸ˜‰
  8. It says that it is been saved successfully and does not save the buttons.
  9. That is exact what I did and its not saving, is there any other way to add in Retroarch
  10. Hi, I am unable to save controllers buttons in Retroarch. I've tried to save it through the quick menu but still not saving it. Every time when I save it it reverts back to the default button configuration.
  11. Thanx for your help guys but I managed to make my own hacks for the Neo Geo games and the are fully playing in Retroarch. I don't need FBA anymore, thanx.
  12. Unfortunately the roms that I have can only play in the hacked version of FBA and it does not launches the RetroArch. I have searched a lot and in the end this was the solution to my situation as I couldn't find anywhere the bosses hacks for NeoGeo fighting games like Real Bout Special with Geese and other Hacks. But this is the only option for me. Inst there a solution to put it in full screen with the command line? Cause I think I might have a way to bypass that error message.
  13. Hi, I am unable to launch FBA games in Full Screen. Before the rom gets launched I get this error message: "Problem setting '480x16x0bpp (0Hz)' display mode" is there a command line or something to bypass this error so that the emulator can run it smoothly. I want to run it in BIG BOX as I have made an Arcade machine and don't wanna use any kind of keyboard or mouse. I would really appreciate if someone can help me, thank you ☺️!
  14. I have downloaded new roms, removed the old Trizeal.lst.eeprom and Trizeal.lst.nvmem files in this folder: RetroArch\saves\reicast, added back these files Trizeal.lst.eeprom and Trizeal.lst.nvmem from the new download and the issue is resolved 🧐. Now there is another problem, if I change the screen from horizontal to vertical and save it in RetroArch by: Quick Menu > Options > Screen orientation and I change it in there and after that I go back to Quick Menu > Options > Overrides > Save Game Overrides and that doesn't keeps the changes and it changes for all the games. Is there another method to keep the screen changes of this specific game? Like putting it in notepad and putting it in RetroArch\config\Reicast or any folder to keep the changes permanently?
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