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  1. Im looking to put together a small HTPC build (i3-3240 @3.40ghz) curated to only have a collection of the best 2player Couch games. (Trying to avoid Fighting games except for the very best ones) This is what I got so far (Recommendations needed!) MAME -X-men The Arcade Game -The Simpsons - TMNT -Ninja Baseball Batman NES -Mario Bros. SMS ??? SNES -Final Fight -Final Fight 2 -Final Fight 3 Sega Genesis/MD -Streets of Rage Playstation -Fighting Force -Fighting Force 2 Sega Saturn -NBA Jam Sega Dreamcast -Soul Calibur -Power Stone N64 -Mario Kart -Smash Bros -Diddy Kong Racing - Goldeneye 007 -Mario Party 2 NeoGeo -Metal Slug Games -Wind Jammers Gamecube -Smash Bros Brawl - Soul Calibur 2 -Super Mario Strikers - Mario Party 4 PS2 -Twisted Metal Black
  2. Or, quit supporting the only Storefront on PC that promotes exclusivity contracts to segment and strongarm PC Gamers.
  3. Figured it meant putting more of the options/buttons in LB, making it less necessary to have open multiple tabs etc to use.
  4. I feel like nobody knows what Parsec implementation does, or it'd be voted much higher.
  5. Nah, I mean like the Steam Achieves, with overlays etc.
  6. Still hoping we can get RetroAchievements implemented one day.
  7. I stand corrected which is odd, because the libretro guys told me PCSX2 not being open source is why there wasnt a core.
  8. XboX isnt possible. Currently, the only active Xbox emulator is still a ways off before being considered usable. It only boots several games and only a few of those are playable. Gamecube is possible Via Dolphin. PS2 is possible, but the only Proven emulator for PS2 is PCSX2 which is x86 only and not open-source, meaning whichever platform you use has to either be x86 or have an internal PS2 emulator. Seems to me that your best bet is likely an x86 mini-PC build using BigBox. That said, Storage WILL be an issue. PSX alone is 500+GB for just the complete US RomSet. PS2 has significantly more games and many of them on DVDs rather than CDs (4.5gb vs 700mb), Gamecube discs are mini-dvds so roughly 3x larger than your average CD. If you want to play the entire GC and PS2 library without issue.... I'd suggest a gen 2 Ryzen APU. Alternatively, you can pick up a 4th gen or better i3 and a gtx 750 or better gpu. Both will probably need 8gb RAM because Win 10 and large BigBox collections can be resource hungry. But by far, your largest issue will be Storage. 2TB minimum for highly curated sets for those two consoles. Also, a bonus, Wii should work reasonably well on any system that can emulate Gamecube. You can easily consolize a PC to do what you want, but if you were hoping for something as small as a Single Board PC like the Raspberry Pi for this project, we are likely still a several years away.
  9. Personally, I like achieves a lot at first on Steam and the like, but lost interest quickly when they started giving you achieves for simply playing the game.
  10. I mean, for some it was, I remember people using it as a selling point for 360 until Playstation added trophy support. And I knew people who specifically bought some games because they had more achievement point per dollar.
  11. Ah, I just know while some people are vocal about not caring or wanting achieves, many people do. It was a selling feature of the 360/ps3 generation. Its important to more than a few people and Id hate to see it just scratched out as impossible and not revisited going forward.
  12. Id vote we not remove Reto Achievements. Its a wanted feature and just because the API doesnt give itself currently to better integration easily doesnt mean its impossible or wont be so later. Has anyone reached out to them?
  13. Oh the era of FMV Adventure games. I loved these. Like B-movies only it was a cutting-edge video game with awful acting. ❤️
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