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  1. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    No, this was the guy who made a recalbox image that he shared where he stripped Phil's Doodles out of all the images. The guys who were selling his front end were some random community of arcade vendors. And I dont think they were removing credit from Filipe, so much as refusing his asking that they not sell his artwork on their cabs. To which, their response was a lot of hate and belittling, from what I gather.
  2. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Its not necessary. Filipe already did that work. All that is needed is more artwork. Im you want to extend the theme, just make your own pack of images and upload them as an optional expansion to the Retrorama theme. That way you dont have to share any work or code that Filipe made without permission.
  3. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    What about og Carmageddon?
  4. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    I think this is the guy who Filipe was talking about: All of the Retrorama system pictures has been edited to remove Phil's Doodles from it.
  5. ExoDOS Import

    Im building ratio seeding both the merged mame set and the dreamcast iso set. but both are going slow AF and its going to take forever before im in the green enough to grab the two new Exodos torrents. I have exodos 2.0 from Archive.org but am really wanting the 3.0 updates with launchbox.
  6. ExoDOS Import

    My PD acc is rather new. and im struggling to get enough ratio to grab the exodos 3.0 packs. Are they not anywhere else?
  7. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Yeah, that artwork is much better.
  8. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    WTF @ThatCover
  9. ExoDOS Import

    Went through 10 pages, then skipped to the last two. Is the latest version of ExoDos completed? Whats this talk of importing? I thought the latest build was going to be using LB rather than Meagre? This proj deserves its own thread where Exo can update the first post.
  10. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    I'll have to check out Drowned God. Looks like one of those popular Myst clones from the mid 90s. I played many, but missed this one entirely.
  11. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Much better. They definitely make it more obvious on how to browse the games.
  12. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    He didnt publicly release a ton of consoles he was working on. Said he was working on nearly 100 platforms. I'd kill for some of the more modern ones like NDS/Wii/Gamecube/PS2 But now I've just got to look for another theme instead, which kills me. As I have been in love with Retrorama since it came to Raspberry Pi.
  13. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    site looks great. Wixisite has come a long way with their building tools. My only suggestion would be a left and right arrow for navigating games as the little dots at the bottom of the page are too subtle. Otherwise, great work. Good to see you are passionate about this project.
  14. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    I e-mailed him too, myself. He never asked for money. He released his themes freely because he's also passionate. It really sucks how shitty people online can be-- and how dealing with it can suck all motivation out of you. I know he sells some of his work on RedBubble or one of those similar T-shirt sites. I had thought about buying hist Pepsi Man print shirt. So if you are really looking to support him, I'd seek him out there. Edit: https://www.teepublic.com/user/lipebello
  15. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Phil seems to have quit doing public themes for the time being. From what I gather. People were stealing his work, editing out his name and taking credit. Then a Cab community he was in asked him for permission to sell cabs with his themes. When he declined, they harassed him with hate. So he pulled his Github and told everyone he was going on hiatus and may not be releasing his work publicly anymore. =( Damn shame. His work was easily my favorite ( no offense to the rest of you theme-makers) just Retrama so perfectly encapsulated my nostalgia into stunning, yet minimalistic and highly stylized artwork. Im real reeling over not getting all those console/platforms he completed but never got to release. RIP us. Filipe, if you are reading this. We miss your work greatly! But I respect your need to take a break from all the ass-hats on the internet who'd try to steal or profit off you hard work and passion. Edit- @latin625 , you have to have the video snaps downloaded from emumovies. Make sure you have an account there so Launchbox can scrape them. You can only pull so many a day unless you have a premium account there, then Launchbox can pull everything it finds on emumovies. (Also, if you want premium, ask around in discord because SOMEBODY in staff can get you a discount code if you are a Premium Launchbox owner.