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  1. WOW @sundogak thanks so much for your time in writing this up. as a added bonus can someone do an updated video tutorial on this? if not its ok, its great work , thanks again.
  2. I'm trying to setup launchbox to get Apple IIGS games but the video tutorial for setting it up goes to fast and its to hard to follow. can someone do a Slow detailed step by step write up on how to set up launch box for Apple IIGS games? Thanks.
  3. fixed it i had multiple Ach Directories with no cores loaded DOH! Just had to fus with it Thanks
  4. Hi im a new Big Box lifetime owner. I don't know what was said to fix the problem. I have a similar situation. Retroarch plays SNES Mario World great in Retroarch but i click the box art in big box and it says "loading game" then the "loading game" disappears and doesn't load but all the NES games load fine in bigbox? what could be the problem?
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