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  1. It's fine thanks Checked the Metadata.xml, doesn't seem like everything in Metadata.xml has a StartupFile and SetupFile (thus why I probably manually had to select the game exe -> <Name>Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty</Name> has no Startup File or SetupFile). I can play around with by adding it but it probably won't properly work as then it is going to expect the setup file in a place where the installed setup file is not blah blah blah. Doesn't matter, don't want to fiddle too much. Game is working and that's all I care about right now (it's not a block
  2. No problem Thanks will put in a feature request. I can do it myself but I don't know how far LB's plugin capability let's one go to modifying something that seems to be integral to LB (only started looking at the documentation yet not experimenting). Can't be too difficult to put in another screen with a combo box to select the install file, but if not I am happy to wait for an update at any point in time, doesn't stop me from playing my games now
  3. Nah I don't like that I like the original feel of installing a game from source inside LB instead of already installed stuff (as I can do that myself like I did now), setting up the sound, etc. Gives me a feeling that the game will run without fiddling. Thus why I am also a great fan of PCEM although PCEM always reminds me of how difficult it actually was before WinXP brought in the auto hardware identification and install etc. Having to setup NE2000 manually etc. Yecch ... Anyway, much of a muchness. Got a work around for now. Would really appreciate if I can install it via the Ins
  4. Sorry I may seem rude in my post I recently bought the forever updates licence as LB is the beez kneez and I really like the fact that I can write C# plugins for it. Just suggesting Quality of Life improvements
  5. Cool thanks for the fast reply :P. Just did that and it works. Still crappy though and I think there needs a screen in between the install wizard to specify the install file other than what LB decides is the install file as now I have to manually fire up dosbox, mount the LB Games/MS-DOS/X folder as drive C, mount the CD as drive D, install the game, go back to LB and import rather than install the game and do all sorts of manual plumbing work to get the game into the LB sorted folder style.
  6. Hi I am having an issue with an installation of Heroes of Might and Magic II. Is there a way to specify which install file it should use when mounting a disk? It keeps on picking the wrong setup file resulting in "This program cannot be run in MS-DOS mode" as it picks the main setup file which is Windows and not the one located in the Dos install directory. I tried manually installing the disk but then I don't have the capability to auto mount the ISO and to have it copied to the directory blah blah blah. I also tried all different routes but can't see a place to pick the instal
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