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  1. had the same problem and got the lastest version of demul, now when i launch it i get an error message, saying it s not configured. can you tell me how you configured Demul?
  2. any chance one of those programms is free? If I take the premium version of emu movies, is it going to rescan and add vids for my games?
  3. Thanks , time or money^^btw how do you a screen recording?
  4. I be subscribed free for emu movies , but after populating LB with all the ROMs
  5. Hi, I've just become a premium member and I'd like to use the video feature in bigbox, I mean when I am on a certain game, see the intro and a video of the game in a small window. Just as shown on the introduction of the product.( Thing is that I've already set +than2000 games in my LB folder and I'd like to import videos for all those games at once. Is it possible?
  6. still won t work, and the core info tells me the file is missing...maybe I was not renaming it correctly?
  7. done, but it still doesn't open when i launch the CHD game.
  8. thanks! now where should I put the bios?
  9. I updated the cores, but didn't do anythinh about the bios...what should I look for on google? bios+pc engine CD is enough?
  10. I just tried now this this core and a CHD file but the emulator didn t even open.
  11. I just became a bigbox member and I launched to see the games pictures appear on the right side, looked good except for my windows (steam imported)games which although they had an image on launchbox don't in Bigbox...help! LB pic & BigBOx
  12. ok, are your cd files chd files ?
  13. which core is the best for that?
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