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  1. The fonts and color scheme are killer. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Update: I got Bonnie to respond so the story continues.
  3. I already selected this. And it works as long as I use MEKA as a standalone emulator. But if I try to launch from Launchbox, it doesn't work. But it really isn't a big deal because all I have to do once MEKA opens is hit the Esc key and the game goes to fullscreen. I'll probably just use Retroarch for most games and select MEKA to run lightgun games. Then just tap escape to switch fullscreen once MEKA loads.
  4. I have kept a watchful eye on the emulation of Red Dead Redemption for a very long time. What started out as non existent turned into frames that would make Plumbers Don't Wear Ties seem like FMV. I have gone back and forth between RPCS3 and Xenia to see who's making more headway and for the first time on the Xenia emulator I made it through the entire intro, saloon, horse ride to the fort, and map exploration with hardly a stutter. The only problem is I can't Bonnie to interact at the MacFarlane ranch in order to proceed with the story. But needless to say, I'm totally stoked. Some of you may already know this, but those who don't can rejoice. It's getting there friends...
  5. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I used MEKA for years. Best SMS emulator I ever used. It got lost in the shuffle of 64 bit and Windows 7+ though and it started having issues so I had to look at other options. I just found a new build of it on Github and it runs perfect on Windows 10. Only problem is it won't launch directly to game fullscreen from Launchbox. I have MEKA set to launch fullscreen when a game is launched and even have the cfg edited not to launch the gui but to no avail. I have been testing various fullscreen commandline parameters but they error as invalid. If anyone knows how to get MEKA running with Launchbox (if its possible) I would be very grateful. Hopefully it isn't like Phoenix where it only runs as its own standalone.
  7. I have never seen a bible passage anywhere in this software. And even if there were, there is no separation between church and Launchbox.
  8. I am having trouble getting lightgun controls to work for Genesis Plus. I went into the Retroarch quick menu and looked under user binds and all it gave me was lightgun button and d pad controls. And when I changed them the lightgun games didn't work. Crosshair is enabled under core settings. Normally I use mouse for all lightgun controls but I didn't see this anywhere in Retroarch or Genesis Plus core. Anyone know how to get lightgun games to work in Retroarch using Genesis Plus GX core?
  9. I wanted to share the solution to a couple issues I ran into using the Genesis Plus GX core in Retroarch that is certain to irritate us hardcore Sega Master System folks. #1 - The Sega boot screen is missing. While it certainly is convenient to launch directly into a game, it takes away from the original experience. It also takes away the hidden snail maze game when you press up + buttons 1 & 2 during the boot screen. To do this you will need to find the version 1.3 Europe/USA Sega Master System bios and place it in the Retroarch system folder. However, many of the bios files available are titled with custom text so simply rename the file to "bios_U". (The bios file must have a .sms file extension.) Finally, launch a game and if it still skips the bios screen press F1 to enter Retroarch quick menu, select options, and enable the "system bootrom" option. #2 - Game sounds and music are completely different from the original. This is an updated FM synthesis option and while it does sound cleaner and is intended to be an upgrade you may wish to hear the original PSG sound. You can toggle this option by pressing F1 to enter the Retroarch quick menu, select options, and change Master System FM to off.
  10. My F1 key wasn't working. Mystery solved. Thank you Neil, I found the FM sound option. Much appreciated.
  11. What about core options? I want to fiddle with Genesis Plus GX.
  12. Thank you. I think the problem I had before was I didn't know how to bring up the quick controls menu. What is the shortcut for that?
  13. I am looking for the easiest way to remap the default controls for Retroarch. I like using it a lot but 9 times out of 10 the control buttons are in the wrong place and the videos I'm finding are really old or don't seem to work. I am alps not finding much information about editing cores and such. I just don't know the keyboard shortcuts, etc. This too would be very useful so I can do things like add the Sega Master System bios and remove FM sound.
  14. Thanks for such a detailed response. I'll start implementing right away and learn as I go. Hopefully I can share my results with others in the future as many of you have.
  15. Does anyone know how one can take a text list like this one and make it automatically remove everything else? Or in other words, how are these no filler files created and used?
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