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  1. Thanks. I understand your point with performance which is why its 8/16 bit only.
  2. I wanted to create a small emu collection on a USB stick that I can take with me and plugin to any computer I'm using at the time. What is the best way, if possible, to install Launchbox, retroarch, and your roms onto a USB stick so you can play anywhere? I assume one would just install everything to the USB drive like any other drive and it should work but I wanted to confirm this with the community in case there are steps I might not consider.
  3. Many games make me angry for a lot of different reasons. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy is indeed frustrating; I could tell it was going to be a long ride from the enhanced difficulty of Papu Papu, the first boss. Vintage Sierra games piss me off with their random copy protection questions from the paper instruction manual. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for being an unskippable slideshow with censored sideboob. And modern PC games for having so many keys/controls. But I'm old. The milennials are truly gifted gamers
  4. I like Playstation style controllers because I was a PSX guy back in the day. I have a 360 but the old lady took the Xbox One when we separated. The wench. Nice to see some more recommendations; thank you all for your input.
  5. Thanks everyone. I have a wired Xbox controller currently. No issues. Just trying to unplug for a more comfortable experience. Guess I'm tired of tripping over cords and destroying usb ports that go along with the forcible yank of the cord. Steel Series Stratus Duo is my next consideration.
  6. Thanks. There are conflicting reviews as to how well it works as a PC controller but I assume you wouldn't be recommending it if it didn't work via BT on a non PS4. One thing I'm debating amongst myself is getting any controller with batteries. I really don't want batteries. Like my BT headphones I like to plug them in via mini USB and charge between uses. Looks like the DS4 charges via USB and I have several mini cables lying around. I'm gonna pick this up and hope for the best.
  7. Wanted to get some opinions on a good bluetooth game controller for emulation and general game playing. Should have enough controls and buttons for Playstation and Gamecube emulation.
  8. My apologies for the subjectivity. I would like to emulate through 32 bit. Affordable = under $100.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a couple beastly desktop systems but am looking to add a new smart tv in a bedroom and want to be able to do internet work, play games, but the wife is going to send me to the guillotine if I build a full desktop to run off of it. I have been looking into the Raspberry Pi and other small form factor options that will allow me to run a PC off the smart tv but am unsure of what it can do, what it will cost, or even where to buy one locally, if possible. I don't like buying things online whenever I have a choice. My requirements are: - Need full mouse/keyboard internet functionality. - Need to be able to run emulators and support a gamepad. - HDMI port to plug into smart tv. - Affordable. I understand Windows compatibility may not be supported although it is preferred. I also understand playing PC games like Fallout 3 likely require a full desktop with GPU, etc. I am just trying to get your feedback to see what exactly these options are capable of. If I have to build another desktop and deal with my wife, so be it. Lol.
  10. The fonts and color scheme are killer. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Update: I got Bonnie to respond so the story continues.
  12. I already selected this. And it works as long as I use MEKA as a standalone emulator. But if I try to launch from Launchbox, it doesn't work. But it really isn't a big deal because all I have to do once MEKA opens is hit the Esc key and the game goes to fullscreen. I'll probably just use Retroarch for most games and select MEKA to run lightgun games. Then just tap escape to switch fullscreen once MEKA loads.
  13. I have kept a watchful eye on the emulation of Red Dead Redemption for a very long time. What started out as non existent turned into frames that would make Plumbers Don't Wear Ties seem like FMV. I have gone back and forth between RPCS3 and Xenia to see who's making more headway and for the first time on the Xenia emulator I made it through the entire intro, saloon, horse ride to the fort, and map exploration with hardly a stutter. The only problem is I can't Bonnie to interact at the MacFarlane ranch in order to proceed with the story. But needless to say, I'm totally stoked. Some of you may already know this, but those who don't can rejoice. It's getting there friends...
  14. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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