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  1. Drakkorcia

    Theme music?

    This thread may be a few years old but this is still a relevant question. Yes, you can create a backgrounds folder under music and Bigbox will play the audio file you drop in there, but the music you hear when scrolling platforms is actually the platform videos themselves (Launchbox->Videos->Platforms). All you have to do to get rid of the modern dance/tekno music blasting is go into the themes sound options and mute the video volume. A more permanent solution is to edit each of the platform videos with handbrake and mute the music. Then you can drop your audio file in the backgrounds folder, enable background music, and hear one song of your choice. You can also use handbrake to adjust the volume by percentage if you like. You can also change the videos altogether as long as you retitle them to the original name. There are many platform videos on Emu Movies that show gameplay and none of this ear shattering dance music. Or you can record your own gameplay.
  2. I changed the complete play default theme and wanted to know which one it is in case I want to change it back. Tried several of my installed themes but no luck yet. Anyone know?
  3. It amuses me to use my own tutorial two years after I created it.
  4. I have the 32" full size version of this. It is an awesome cabinet kit, especially for the price and free shipping.
  5. Wow, that is awesome. Well done.
  6. Hi, I have a USB trackball, spinner and analog stick on my control panel and periodically the trackball or other device will stop working from what I assume is the device id's changing after so many reboots. This happens with Retroarch too. I go into input settings, everything works great and one day I fire up a console like SNES or SMS and the controls stop working. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a tutorial to solve this specific issue? There are so many MAME and Retroarch issues and I want to narrow my focus.
  7. Selected "all controllers" and it allows mapping across multiple encoders. Issue resolved.
  8. I have a 22 button control panel with 4 admin buttons using two zero delay for Player 1 and Player 2. Because the zero delays have 12 inputs each, I had to split the admin buttons between the two. When remapping the controls, Bigbox only recognizes buttons wired to the Player 1 encoder. Is there any way to be able to map buttons wired to the Player 2 encoder as well? I understand at some point getting an I-Pac 2 that supports more inputs with only one encoder might be in my future, but if I can avoid it that would be ideal. I have this problem in other areas as well, like when I wanted to use some of the buttons on the Player 2 side for Pinball Arcade. It would be nice to be able to map any button on the control panel regardless if those buttons are split over multiple encoders.
  9. At least from 0.216 but I'm not sure. All I know is my A1Up 12-in-1 which is around 0.139 had the correct sound. The only bummer is the newer versions are all no nag compiled here in the 3rd party section of the forum so I'd lose that if I rolled back. Hopefully it is a sound sound setting I can tweak; that would be ideal. Thank you for the advice.
  10. Current versions of MAME for whatever reason have the fire sound in Centipede at a slightly higher pitch than the original cabinet and as a purist this is driving me nuts. Older versions of MAME did not have this issue so I wanted to know if anyone has used two different versions of MAME to run certain games that may have run better in an older version? I would think this would work in Launchbox if we could point a specific rom to a seperate exe, and if MAME allows for different versions to be installed at the same time.
  11. I wanted to know if Launchbox/Big Box has a way to organize games by controller type. I have a trackball/spinner/flightstick cabinet and would like to have only these games appear in my MAME library. I know we can create a playlist and add specific games but I wanted something automatic as I don't know all the different games in these categories. Hyperspin does this so I would think we can too.
  12. I was on the waiting list and ordered mine as soon as I got the notification a couple months ago. It doesn't surprise me to hear A1UP is working out a deal with him although I will do some fact checking on that to confirm.
  13. For Arcade1Up that have limited space I just went to Target and got those $1 rectangle shaped plastic trays in the bathroom accessories section. They are easy to grab and empty, super cheap, and I've never had a coin get away from it.
  14. I disable the game over and now loading screens in my Bigbox UI and map a button to exit Stella, which is the same button I use for MAME UI Cancel. I set Stella to run in fullscreen. When I hit the button my Atari 2600 games exit flawlessly and go back to the game list screen where I can select another game. I also run standalone Stella which is much easier to map than Retroarch.
  15. I have a modified 12-in-1 cabinet and can navigate Bigbox with my trackball, spinner, or joysticks. Go to options, mouse, and enable it. This should allow all mouse devices to navigate the menu. I use buttons on the control panel for selection. The GRS products are all USB mouse connections. Beyond this, you can play with the mapping to achieve your desired navigational greatness.
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