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  1. I put Pinball Arcade in one of my arcade cabinets and used Xbox360ce to map the controls. Works perfectly and meets all my virtual pinball needs until I get a real table.
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking to add some ambience and decor to my game room but am coming up short. I know I can add some led strings behind my cabinets and tv for some ambient glow but I am looking more for cool signs and decorations I can add that won't take a lot of time to setup. I would be interested to see pics of your rooms to get some ideas as well as where you purchased them. Thanks!
  3. I saw some people on YouTube who turned their cabinets into dedicated virtual pinball cabinets using Pinball Arcade, Future Pinball, Pinball FX, and I have The Pinball Arcade successfully installed and in BigBox. I just can't figure out how the heck to get my cabinet controls to work. The controls section has a controllers and keyboard/mouse tab but when I try to map controllers my cabinet controls don't respond at all. Mouse and keyboard works perfectly and my encoders are properly setup and work with MAME. Does anyone know how to get Pinball Arcade to map to our cabinet joysticks and buttons? I use this Pinball emulator specifically because it has recreations of real tables like Addams Family and Funhouse. Here is one example. Skip to 1:05. If anyone can help I'd be really grateful.
  4. I bought a Rii i25 to play lightgun games on MAME and it's becoming quite problematic. A regular mouse works fine but when I connect the air mouse and load a game it causes serious lag and goes into test mode for a few seconds, back to the rom, back to test mode, back to the rom... laggy and stuttering the whole time. In other words, general emulation problems. I wonder if the air mouse is recognized as an actual lightgun instead of a mouse because for whatever reason my wireless mouse works fine. This Rii i25 has caused all kinds of weird behavior such as Area 51 going into an endless Cojag self diagnostic loop. I am going to experiment but if anyone here uses an air mouse or Wiimote, anything other than an Aimtrak, I would be interested to know your MAME settings or any other advice you may have.
  5. Due to it being a full set I only downloaded the gameplay images so that is probably why they don't show. How exactly would I change the recent gallery image type as you suggested?
  6. The issue was never missing samples. It was Mario's run sounds on Donkey Kong being slightly off from the original.
  7. I am not sure what is meant by rebuild image cache other than clicking on image cache in the sidebar and refreshing the images. I did this and the recent images are still showing the BigBox equivalent of a red X. Wonder what happened?
  8. Conclusion: For emulation purposes, Pi 4 still doesn't run MAME 3D games and runs many games decently but not all. The super small form factor is awesome but extra ram does nothing for emulation in my opinion and buying a kit, or even a case for that matter, raises the price substantially. Pi 4 runs hotter so a case and/or a fan is necessary. So my recommendation is to buy a Pi 3 with 1, maybe 2 GB of ram, and mount it bare for $25-$35 bucks. Otherwise, I suggest putting something more powerful in its place.
  9. The solution is the Pi was too underpowered for my tastes and the decades old versions of MAME didn't help. I put a PC in my cabinet and the games run like greased lightning. Killer Instinct included
  10. I determined that the Raspberry Pi is underpowered, Retropie/Emulation Station uses antiquated versions of MAME, thus the performance and emulation accuracy are mediocre at best. I put the Pi on a television in my house where it can happily run movies and put a PC in my arcade cabinet where it happily runs a newer version of MAME and any currently working rom or CHD.
  11. Indeed, attract mode is enabled. I thought it was something it wasn't. And thank you for the other suggestions Lordmonkus.
  12. I have BigBox in a cabinet and it is so awesome. I had a few questions that hopefully can be answered by the community: - After being idle for a few minutes, BigBox starts autoscrolling in the games list or randomly selecting itself to leave the menu. I couldn't find any option for Z axis autoscrolling anywhere in the options. Select all controllers is off. It is an arcade cabinet so nothing is lying on a controller, keyboard, etc. - I only have one console, Arcade, but the console wheel shows Arcade repeated over and over again. My other desktop has many consoles so I wonder if somehow my registration code causes my arcade cabinet installation to think it has many systems too. - Recent game images are not showing. They stay blank. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. I had this same error and the fix was to run Windows update and download all critical updates if you're .net Framework was up to 4.8.
  14. Arcade1Up has made slight improvements to each generation of machines. SF2 is older than the MKII and even the newer MKII's and recently released cabinets have upgraded monitors that are more vibrant. So before getting too involved into the other mechanics and settings, look on the back of each LCD and make sure the model numbers match. If they are different, one is an upgraded monitor with more vibrant colors.
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