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  1. I am prepping my Raspberry Pi 4 for installation into an arcade cabinet and Retropie is installing fine, games added, MAME 0.78 romset, etc. Only problem is there is so much lag I can't play anything. Really simple games like Donkey Kong. This is the first time I've gone outside of my beastly desktops so I am not sure what the best place to start is. Anybody Raspberry gurus? I want everything working properly before I start taking arcade cabinets apart.
  2. I am getting ready to mod my first A1U cabinet and wanted to see who else has done this and had some questions about what is necessary and what is not. - I have a new controller set but frankly don't have a problem with the controls and am debating whether led buttons will be too bright and look out of place. I don't recall original cabinets having lit buttons except for games like Tron. I am thinking about leaving the buttons and joysticks stock and getting a lit marquee instead. Couldn't I just use the original controls with new encoders? - Is drilling a couple new buttons in really necessary? Couldn't I remap a couple other buttons to take care of coin or select functions? I have the MK II cabinet which has two punch, two kick, block, and a run button for Ultimate MK 3. I was thinking using the run buttons as the two extra buttons ETA said need to be drilled. I am thinking maybe the reason people are drilling more buttons with Retropie is because they plan to emulate consoles that require shoulder buttons, etc. I am only going classic arcade. Any insight would be much appreciated. I don't want to mod more than I have to. These cabinets are fine as is for me. I actually think the controls have been updated with better stuff because the controller kit I got seems identical in quality to what's already there.
  3. I got a 4GB Pi 4 to put in my Arcade1Up. I look forward to seeing what it will or will not run.
  4. I am going to mod an Arcade1up and need to make a decision of whether to go Raspberry Pi or some form of mini pc. I would like to be able to play Killer Instinct and some of the 3D MAME games but it is starting to look like an uphill battle. Just about every video on YouTube mods A1U with a Pi and the few people that don't have very clunky installations. Any thoughts on this?
  5. I bought a A1U MK II w/ riser in like new used condition. And I stand corrected. With the riser it looks very, very good. And while it is dwarfed by a full size Midway or Neo Geo cabinet, it isn't far away from a Ms Pacman or Donkey Kong. I've played many games in a real arcade that were this size (with riser). Artwork is professional quality, it is heavy enough to feel solid but not too heavy to move, and the few cons it has like limited games, two setting sound, budget controls or unlit marquee can all be upgraded. I'm getting more of these. I'm sold.
  6. Lots of good responses here but it seems like there are two options: Get a A1U, make another 100 or so in mods, or pay $3000. Now I understand why so many people go the A1U route. Ace Amusements looks like they do as much or as little customization as needed with completed Nintendo style cabs for about $1500. I might see what they can do for a cab with art and let me handle the internals. Might be able to get an affordable build that way. Could also get a bartop and pay someone to make a custom riser for it? Who knows. A1U is looking like it might be the only way to go.
  7. I would be interested in seeing this. Sounds awesome.
  8. There was one on display at the electronics store and it was actually decent in my opinion. I didn't think the controls were that bad at all. Artwork was well done. My only issue with it was its miniature scale. Even with the riser it was short. But then again the full sized cabinets are beasts. Somewhere in the middle would be a good compromise.
  9. I am a pretty handy person but I don't have a woodshop or a big garage to assemble a project from scratch. It has to be pre-cut. The Arcade1up is great in a lot of ways but it is too limited and too small. It is basically a tugboat cabinet ( remember tugboat arcade games folks?). And I don't see the point in modifying one. It's like taking an economy sedan and putting a turbo and nitrous to make it fast, a new transmission, wheels and suspension to handle the added speed, and racing seats and gauges because you need it to feel like a race car. When all is said and done you spent more modifying a cheap sedan to perform like a performance car, instead of just buying a performance car in the first place. Seems like a waste to buy an Arcade1up, and just throw away the parts you replace.
  10. I don't know an exact number but I need affordable as possible. Please point me in the direction of what you know and I can make a decision off of what I see.
  11. I have wanted to build my own cabinet but don't think I'm a skilled enough carpenter nor do I have the workshop and tools to do it. I would like something professional like a Arcade1up but they are really dinky for $350. Anyone have any ideas of the best cabinet for the money that I could drop a pc into? I would also like to know if you can buy original cabinet art and marquees. Better yet, post your cabinet images so I can tell you how awesome your setups are
  12. I wish these guys would take the effort they've put into removing this quote and put it into perfect emulation for American Laser 3DO games
  13. Drakkorcia

    NeoGeo and SNES

    I have only been using Retroarch on Android for a couple weeks. Maybe a newer build will give you better results. Sometimes things that should work properly just don't and that's one of the joys of computing.
  14. Drakkorcia

    NeoGeo and SNES

    Snes9x core in Retroarch runs SNES flawlessly for me.
  15. One thing that I have observed about Jason is that he seems to be accepting of his entire community, including pyster. When forum members use the occasional curse word do they get censored? Nope. When pyster starts an entire thread about removing a Bible quote that obviously means a lot to Jason did he get deleted and banned? Nope. I think we can all return the favor by allowing him to include one quote on a page many of us will never even see.
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