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  1. I had 486 as well. I remember playing Tetris on it. Good times.
  2. Thank you. I realized this soon after I posted and is indeed the correct answer.
  3. I actually like this era of gaming. I know the systems may have not been the best but they are very interesting to look at through emulation. I never had these systems so I spend a good deal of time on 3DO. I would like to do the same with the CDi when and if emulation progresses.
  4. Thank you for this tutorial. I'm running into a couple stumbling blocks in the beginning that I hope to resolve. First, the current "suite" 2.8.3 installs into the AppData folder and won't let me choose anywhere else. Second, in the fs-uae folder there is no Kickstarter folder to put the files in. If anyone has any advice or can direct me to an older version that follows this tutorial that would be awesome. And while it may be blasphemy, is there gamepad support? Admittedly, I'm a console and arcade man with the exception of modern Windows games. Lol.
  5. I agree. By today's standards Doom and other FPS's like Slayer and Blood are so pixelated and claustrophobic that it hurts the eyes. And if you walk right up to a wall you start grabbing your head and screaming.
  6. I agree with LordMonkus and Scooter. This sounds like necessary files are being quarantined at first run. Afterwards, the application doesn't work anymore until you reinstall and start over. Then the cycle continues. Launchbox is a solid program that when configured properly, has never given me trouble.
  7. This is exactly what I do. GOG has a mixture of DOS games and Windows 9x games and I separate them by its original platform. I do a Google search if need be to see what platform it was originally released on. In my case all PC games go under the main category "Computer" and sub it down to its original platform; "Windows" for modern releases, "Windows 9x" for older Windows games, and "MS-DOS" for DOS. This gives me the authentic organization I desire so The Witcher 3 isn't sitting next to Tex Murphy.
  8. I got free Launchbox looking pretty snazzy with media but I since upgraded to Premium, for no other reason than to support Jason and everyone on his team that have done so much for the community. I'm all about Big Box now;)
  9. Oh, awesome. Why didn't I think of that? The issue I'm having now is the exe's don't generate any metadata because of their abbreviations so I still have to edit the entry haha. Serves me right for nuking my collection on accident.
  10. Thanks. It's still manual but a little faster. Hopefully a mass import for external drive option will be available someday. My SSD won't hold the amount of games I have.
  11. I am trying to find the quickest and easiest way to re-import a large collection of installed Windows games that are installed on a secondary drive. I tried using the Windows game importer from the tools menu but it went looking for games installed under Program Files on the system drive. I tried dragging and dropping the exe but it didn't find any metadata or launch correctly. The way I've been doing it is to simply "add game", type in the game name, Launchbox adds the metadata and then I select the application path. Works, but long and tedious. Any way to select the folder on my secondary drive and have Launchbox find all the games at once?
  12. I have always used the full MAME set but lately I am overwhelmed at all the garbage games, games I've never heard of and will never play, so I am starting with a All Killer set and adding my other favorites. I really love lightgun games such as Lethal Enforcers and CHD's like Area 51, Maximum Force, and Carnevil. I use the mouse and it works just fine for me. I also like the Cruisin USA games. Ideally, I'd like there to be a way to remove games by date range and region. This way I can remove primitive games from the 70's and anything that is not North America. That right there would probably be enough to satisfy me. I'm always looking for new ways to trim MAME if anyone has suggestions.
  13. I have successfully emulated the CD-i with the few aforementioned methods although most of the games I wanted to play required the as-of-yet unemulated Video Cartridge. I don't want to criticize CDiemu too much because the author put a lot of work into it, but it didn't have enough compatibility or features to be competitive. My main issue is he wants $35 or so for it which is an insult to the community. In the end I turn to the 3DO for the CD-i experience; lots of shared titles, similar experience, etc. I remember when Cruisin USA was first added to MAME and watching it crawl through the CPU Board Test and gameplay so choppy it looked like a slideshow when I had the fastest PC my budget could build. Hopefully, the CD-i will get continued development. Poor as the system may be, it is a part of gaming history.
  14. Thanks. I checked the combine games checkbox and it created one game. If I right click the game it says Disk 1 version and Disk 2 version. I tried starting the game from Disk 2 as a test and it asked for the first disk so all seems to be well. My remaining question is how do you switch disks when you get to that point in the game?
  15. I just tried importing Chrono Cross (Disk1) and (Disk 2) and it created two separate entries. Mine are bin/cue instead of chd's but I wouldn't think that would make any difference. Any other import options I might be missing?
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