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  1. Does this Metadata Download Error applies to EMUMovies Premium Accounts as well? Because I'm also getting way to many errors on anything I try to scrape on my Premium Account. 😰 I then decided to uninstall my LaunchBox thinking that maybe something had gone wrong while updating to v9.3. Unfortunately this took place before this topic was posted... This sucks because I had MAME, SNES, Genesis, NEOGEO & a few others installed on my build. Now I have to start all over again because I really thought that my LaunchBox Front end somehow got screwed up due to the new update...😬 PS I didn't want to create a new topic just in case this topic applies to EMUMovies as well...
  2. Ok. Thanks for the info. CDBlue I'll make sure to stick to No Intro rom sets for my LaunchBox built
    Definitely a 5 star rating if the laughing was included at the end of the song Still a nice upload...
    Thanks for the upload. It looks Awesome...👍
  3. Can LaunchBox detect and name any Console or Handheld Roms correctly when scraping for Box Art, Sound, Etc. Via EMU Movies? Or would I have to manually type in the correct names for the Roms so EMU Movies recognizes them while LaunchBox is scraping them? PS. What type of Roms or Rom Sets are highly recommended to use with LaunchBox?
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