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  1. we could just use to obscure anything incriminating ... like those rude mags on the top shelf have
  2. Please say the untouched images were backed up 😱
  3. Preservation is key ... keep the untouched images off site , only add censored ones on database. that is our point
  4. @kurzih Barbarian yes Maria Whittaker ..... mmmmmmmm such sweet teenage mammaries .... sorry i mean memories
  5. I come from the north east of England , what is obscene to you,may not be to me.
  6. jeez .... its like going back to '87 again. this caused quite a bit of controversy back in the day 🤩
  7. Very sad news that Wizard (the creator of MFME emulator) has sadly passed away aged just 55. My and indeed all of our respects goto his family. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6311-the-saddest-day/
  8. It was just an idea to try , i dont use mame to emulate APF , i use VAPF emu & vapf.txt to automate the loading process
  9. have you tried : apfimag -autoboot_delay 4 -autoboot_command "cload\n\nrun\n\n" -cart basic -cass
  10. @mcfilmmakers try using : apfimag -cart basic -cass then when basic launches press 1 on your keyboard then type cload (enter) run (enter)
  11. @mcfilmmakers have you tried an autoboot script?
  12. Myth - History In The Making Theme View File Submitter harryoke Submitted 08/06/2020 Category Game Theme Videos  
  13. Version 1.0.0


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