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  1. Tron Startup View File Submitter harryoke Submitted 01/16/2020 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  2. Version 1.0.0


  3. Tetris startup View File Submitter harryoke Submitted 01/15/2020 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  4. Invasion Arcade (Chuck Norris Edition) View File Submitter harryoke Submitted 01/12/2020 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  5. downloading the newest 221gb version now. Hopefully we should be able to sort it out
    Just goes to show what can be achieved with some hard work and excellent tools. A brilliant addition to bigbox themes.
  6. if when importing the folder you tick the box (combine roms named the same) it will only make one entry and you can select which version to load.
  7. Im a .TAP fan myself but you may find that not all titles are dumped in that format so i just use anything that is available, i use spectaculator for emulation it is premium (paid for) but it supports .pok files for cheats and is amazing.
  8. harryoke

    Background Videos

    Emumovies is an amazing resource of gaming media & is seamlessly intergrated into launch/bigbox. It is really worth paying for premium membership IMHO. In launchbox settings you enter your login details for emumovies and update media and it will auto download your missing media.
  9. Harryoke's Atari Platform logo reveal vids View File doing these alphabetically .. Here are the Atari family Submitter harryoke Submitted 01/03/2020 Category Platform Theme Videos  
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