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  1. I'm facing this issue in the Audit window. However I just tested it in the main games list and it does work.
  2. I've been too busy to set this up, unfortunately. But I'll definitely post updates once I do.
  3. This is odd. I remember seeing that someone replied to this thread and thought I'd check it out later, but now it seems to have disappeared.
  4. (If this is the wrong forum for this, I do apologize) I've had this setup in mind for a while and I'd really appreciate your advise, suggestions or ideas you good people might have. Overview: Basically I want to put together a couch media/gaming center. It needs to be convenient and user friendly. Thousands of retro games at your finger tips. Pick up a controller, few button presses and walla! Chrono Trigger ready to go. An Nvidia Shield streaming Bigbox or Steam from a PC, with movies/shows streamed from a NAS. I thought of skipping the Shield all together and having the PC act as the media center, but I really like the Android TV UI and apps. I do have a version of this running at the moment. Bigbox streams to the Shield to the TV. It works well enough, but I still need to iron out some kinks. The systems I'll be focusing on are: Nintendo NES all the way to the Wii U. All the handhelds as well. Sega Master System all the way to the Dreamcast. Sony PSX, PS2, PSP. Arcades. I have no experience in this area, but I'd like to give it a go. Controllers: Rather than go with a tried and tested Xbox controller for everything, I'd like to have multiple to use depending on the system being played. Now having a controller for every single system is an overkill, so I chose the ones that deserve to be there for one reason or the other. Either for their distinct form factor/functions to play the games with the controller they were designed for (N64 Z-button I'm looking at you!), or the unique functions they provide (PS4 touch pad). This is where I need some clarity. PS4: I used the PS4 controller for a while. The biggest issue I had was how I needed to set it up almost every time I'd switch it on. This happened a lot with Cemu and often Retroarch. Anyone ran into this issue or know how to solve it? Wii: I've yet to test the Wiimote, but research tells me it shouldn't be an issue on PC. My understanding is the Motion Plus version is best to use, coupled with a sensor bar. Correct? Convenience: While I'm going to be using the PS4 controller as the default, it would be great if I can just pickup another one and have it act as the main one. For example turn on the Gamecube one and use it with to play a Dreamcast game. Would that be possible without having to fiddle with the setup, or am I asking for too much here? Multiplayer: I should be able to use any of these controllers for multiplayer, correct? Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I like to be prepared and plan things through. If you got this far, thank you for reading.
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