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  1. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and if there is some kind of workaround to prevent it. Specifically, I'm finding that after launching a game, doesn't matter the platform/emulator... while it's running if I left or right-click anywhere it kicks back to the Launchbox screen with the 'Game Over' background, but the emulator is still running (I didn't press anything or type 'ESC' to get out). Has anyone else seen this? I don't want to completely disable mouse support as some emulators/games need it, but I also don't want clicking on something to return back to LB either, it should only do this when I press the quit key, whatever it is set to.
  2. Weird I went to edit an existing game, then it prompted me to download updated Metadata, now the import seems to be working again..... Would this set have just been added to the Metadata recently?
  3. Hi, I was trying to import my MAME 0.222 Full Set but for some reason when it gets to the final screen to parse the list of games I see nothing? The window is blank. I am using v11.2. See below the screenshots. My first attempt was using the Import MAME Arcade Full Set wizard. When I attempted instead to use Tools.. Scan for Added Games.. Arcade, I get the error message. Something seems strange I had an older set which was the exact same path but I replaced with this newer set to re scan, and this happened. I had a v 0.198 set that seemed to important when I tried originally. I completely emptied out the folder though before placing all the 0.222 ROMs (and .CHDS in respective subfolders). So there shouldn't be anything in the folder causing this problem...
  4. Oh, that's unfortunate. I like the dynamic resizing I just don't like how it resets the position.... oh well. And yes, I just tested that and it worked. Thanks.
  5. Minor gripe, but I'm noticing when editing the collection and delete a game in any given platform, the focus of which game is selected is completely reset and I'm sent right back to the first entry in the screen. This is not a huge issue but when editing a lot of games and trying to remember where I was I have to press the respective key and/or scroll through a bunch to get back to where I was. Is there any way the focus of selected game becomes the one before/after the deleted game and not the very first one in the entire list?
  6. I noticed # 2 as well.
  7. Yes they are in different folders which is why it's odd it's not working...
  8. Minor issues I noticed in 11.0 beta 3 in the new edit game dialog box. (Unless I'm doing something wrong) it seems that when you do a manual search for a game from the database that wasn't properly discovered during import, if it comes back with no results, the searching button remains greyed out and you can't search again unless you close the dialog box and go back in again.
  9. I have a similar issue here. I am using the RA, Atari800 core and when I set the content directory override for Atari 5200, my Atari XEGS titles wont run (keeps the setting for 5200) and vice-versa if I set it to for the XE. It will save it for that instance but not for both. I've tried to save a custom config file but I only see the .OPT file for the core in the config folder? I could see this being a problem if I selected save core override but I'm trying to save content directory override and it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Thanks this is a great help.. is there a general guide or summary of the various systems and folder naming conventions I can refer to somewhere (as in your example, using the MAME Retroarch core for the 'oddball' systems) to ensure I have them setup correctly would you know? And I like to organize game files into sub-folders, so I assume that won't work in this case? I'm so not a fan of dumping all roms in the same folder..
  11. I'm guessing this probably isn't the best place to post this but thought I'd try in case anyone in the LB community has noticed this but whenever I try to use the PS2 core in RA with .CSO files it just hangs on exit? .ISOs seem fine. I wanted to try to compress the collection to save space but seems to be problematic. I know PCSX2 is a better emulator (and can/will use it as an alternative) just hoping someone may have run into this and/or have a solution/suggestion. (I will also be posting this in the RA forum for this core....)
  12. Thanks for the tip.. I have all of my roms in a network drive (my X:\ drive) on a different PC in a specific folder structure. Can I still get this to work as long as the folder has the correct name or does it have to be in the MAME/MESS/RA folders?
  13. I'm struggling with this as well. I have selected MAME as the default emulator and provided the default parameters but MAME just quits.. not sure what I'm doing wrong.... I can't seem to get it to load outside of LB either.
  14. I too have this issue...
  15. First of all, thanks again for such an awesome application, just love this program, and it keeps getting better and better every day! I was testing 10.15-beta 8 and noticed during import (a minor issue), it seems to prompt to import other game types even though I didn't include them? Unless I'm missing something and this is intended behavior? Below in screen #1 I only have 'Search for game information and media..' checked, but when I get to the end of the wizard it prompts me to log in to download data for Epic Games and Origin Games (of which I have none in my collection, and did not select to scrape any for....)
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