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  1. Hi Would like to know if the field "max players"(which exists in gamesdb. launchbox-app.com ) can already be used to create playlists or is this not yet implemented? Thnx
  2. I am trying to do the same but no luck so far
  3. Aha so does this mean that those "certain view for platform and game level. " is theme specific so each theme will have its own game and platform view?? or will it be a default for any theme i choose? Thnx
  4. That's what i thought, ok thnx would be a nice feature though:) Thnx retro
  5. Would really like to know if views (platform and games) can be set up per theme, not that if i change the themes back and forth and then each time changing the views again back to those that fit best for specific theme, again? I would really like to switch seamlessly fluently between themes, without extra steps (such as changing the games and platforms "list views" for the theme to look good) Thnx for any kind of useful suggestions regarding this
  6. Would be really nice to have recent(last played) and favorites on each system's screen.... this brings me to another question and that is, I never noticed in any theme, i've checked so far, that those 2 features(favorites last played) could be toggled on/off, is this something that is not possible to do and as it seems either theme has those or it does not(depends on developer and he has no possibility to either have it displayed or not) does someone know how this goes??
  7. Also yes but in CEMU i didn't notice this option
  8. I achieved desired result with bulk editing. So all the games will have hide mouse cursor enabled in "ovewrite startup screen" and i manually disabled on kirby rainbow "hide mouse cursor" problem solved
  9. Yeah I would find this feature also very useful, apart from the part where you would map setup.exe as an executable in LB instead of actual game… because now the only way i found to import game's exe is via drag and drop, and then u choose none of the above etc....
  10. Guys a quick question in case someone can help me I have a game KIRBY where I want mouse cursor visible on the other hand I want it to be hidden when mario kart is being played. So does the setting show/hide mouse exists also per game ?? or at least per emulator ?
  11. yes exactly those timers are causing cemu to close when launched via LB/BB whether startup screen is in or off, this is the case with cemu 1.15.8 also and latest 9.9 LB
  12. Oh great i missed that, thnx for the tipp
  13. thnx neil, i know this and somehow it doesnt suffice, and the main problem is it doesnt block BigBOX long enough (until the game is fully loaded) so i guess I will have to resort to some ahk script which might do the trick although i doubt. What would be nice to have is also ahk module for each game, not only for emulator
  14. I still am trying to prolonge startup screen or at least lock the interface after "play game" is pressed in Bigbox, in my opinion it is very neccesary to have something like this in place and i dont understand how nobody is requesting it?? Because this startup screens are not preventing launching a game 2 times when someone has unpatient fingers on a gamepad and after loading startup screen dissapears. Any advice on this maybe ??
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