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    Can i lock BB or LB while game loads

    Ah ok I see thnx retro808 for clarification
  2. Hi Guys and Girls, any idea how, one would lock the BB or LB interface with run additional apps feature (if this can be set system wide would be even better) The idea is to lock BB or LB when game is launched and unlock it when user exits a game(I read somewhere that new LB&BB version has an option to lock the interface)
  3. saban

    Game startup time launchbox bigbox

    ok, I see thnx very much Neil
  4. Guys how can I deal with game launching very long(nothing to do with launchbox) but that BB LOADING... screen is displayed only for a fraction of that loading time.(in the meantime(when LOADING.. disappears) user can browse the BB until the game actually starts) How can i increase the time of that LOADING... screen, to correspond to the actual time that game needs to load or maybe to increase just the time that this LOADING... screen is visible(although kind of impractical since game load times vary heavily amongst different games) Thnx in advance for all suggestions u might have
  5. So it had something to do with run as admin, but i had to untick run as admin on the emulator's exes(mame64.Exe, rpcsx2. Exe etc..) and now xpadder works as expected
  6. Hmm doesn't change anything and xpadder (32) lingers among processes in task manager even after i exit the game with esc?
  7. thnx Zaazu will try it, although I think I already tried all the combinations of running it as admin, compatibility, etc.. I let you know
  8. @Zazu did you by chance solved that mapper problem me I have the same crap going on
  9. Hi I am gonna be short: i have RL and launchbox working together games launch OK but Xpadder wont work (quickly flashes and it kind of closes) although no crash is indicated in event logs(not sure though whether it lingers among processes in task manager, I still need to check this) on the other hand this same Xpadder works when i launch the game directly from rocketlauncher(Red rocket icon) or via hyperspin.- no problems there at all, and it works exactly like it should, but with LB and BIGBOX it is not the case (xpadder quickly flashing dissapearing or is it running as some ghost process or whatever.....??? Has anyone encountered this maybe or does someone have any idea what to check, (i did all the run as admin compatibiliy modes etc.. but unfortunatelly nothing changed) Win 10 Pro or Enterprise on 1703 build Thnx