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  1. yes exactly those timers are causing cemu to close when launched via LB/BB whether startup screen is in or off, this is the case with cemu 1.15.8 also and latest 9.9 LB
  2. Oh great i missed that, thnx for the tipp
  3. thnx neil, i know this and somehow it doesnt suffice, and the main problem is it doesnt block BigBOX long enough (until the game is fully loaded) so i guess I will have to resort to some ahk script which might do the trick although i doubt. What would be nice to have is also ahk module for each game, not only for emulator
  4. I still am trying to prolonge startup screen or at least lock the interface after "play game" is pressed in Bigbox, in my opinion it is very neccesary to have something like this in place and i dont understand how nobody is requesting it?? Because this startup screens are not preventing launching a game 2 times when someone has unpatient fingers on a gamepad and after loading startup screen dissapears. Any advice on this maybe ??
  5. oh one more thing neil9000 is there a way to deal with this for cemu and rpcsx3 then, or should we just accept that 30 sec is max we can set ?
  6. thnx retro , yes me also i have the same combo set in both but something is preventing exiting the game when both automation are enabled. thnx for the info i will have another deep look in both automations to see where discrepancies might occur.
  7. I have platforms which still rely on rocketlauncher and the controller automation is already in place via rocket launcher and I would like to disable launchbox/BB automation for that specific platform since they r in conflict with eachother but at the same time I would like to keep it for other platforms like Windows which is not launching via rocketlauncher for example. can I maybe enable/disable controller automation in BB/LB via 'run programs before launching game' or via ahk ?
  8. Am i blind or this option doesn't exists ? so this controller automation is either for everything or for nothing ??? I can not use for example only in PC games (platform) and not in MAME(platform) for example. Thnx
  9. talking here mostly for windows games, and they do need more than 30 seconds even with i9 and rtx 2080. Emulators are much quicker yes like u said none of them needs 30 sec to load so those r really not a problem, (the big headache are the windows games, for example fortnite needs like 30 sec to even start the first splash screen-(by this splashscreen i can see that game will actually be launched) )
  10. A question neil9000 aren't we here again limited by that slider where I can set it to 30 seconds max ? or will the startup screen actually detect when the game appears on the screen, thus staying visible longer if needed ??
  11. And yes u r right I completely forgot about new startup screens thnx
  12. thnx neil9000 the windowed mode of game is just the worst example where the focus of the game is lost, the problem is also with fullscreen games when people think the game didnt run and they select another game and after they have 2 or more games running in the background. I was thinking something among the lines of IfWinExist, [Game_WindowTitle] ( ... rest of your script )
  13. Guys/Girls does anyone have an idea how can I go about this problem that I have since the beginning and with every version of BB so far and what I find strange is that nobody talks about it. The thing is when for example, I launch a game (mostly if the game launches in windowed mode), it will, like usual, take some time quite often more than 20-30 sec, but ofcourse when person behind the gamepad cannot leave buttons alone while the game is loading it happens that games never comes on top of BB but i stays in the background(need to click on taskbar etc... to get the game back on focus) , looks like kind of by pressing buttons while the game is loading takes the focus back to BB instead. and that small "loading" box is useless cause it dissapears much quicker than the game loads, tricking the person behind the gamepad to press the button again and again, assuming the game didnt launch the first time? and i guess those presses are stealing the focus when game is trying to come on top. So how could I keep that loading screen as long as the game needs to load, or is there some script etc... which i can run first thing when play is pressed in BB (Run program before) and the loading screen or some custom photo will be shown until the game is loaded. thnx for any ideas you might have
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