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  1. Confirmed fix! Worked for me as well. Hot damn, you're beautiful. Devs any ideas?
  2. So I installed a completely clean copy of the latest Cemu and followed BSOD's instructions for a proper install. After doing so, the games I already had previously added to Launchbox began launching fine from Launchbox. The moment I added another game, all the game launches broke again. No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to want to work. I'm about to run another fresh install and see if it will work again for all the games I currently have listed. Will update this post after my test. **Update** A fresh install didn't correct the problem as it did last time. No clue what is causing this still.
  3. I'm running a GTX 780 SLI myself along with GFE.
  4. Any chance someone could work out a Plex plug-in that works in a similar vein to the Kodi one already released? Sorry, if this post is the wrong place.
  5. These hide mouse AHK commands don't seem to hide or move the mouse at all on my screen. Anybody know what could be wrong? Literally copy pasted whats up above.
  6. Sorry. New to LB and the forums. Dove into this over the last 2 weeks setting up my LB instance and was thinking about this and how great it would be. Not a coder, so I have no clue what it takes to build it. Anyway, I thought this was the proper forum. My bad.
  7. Turn LB into a server and create an official TV OS App for Big Box allowing you to stream/play your games anywhere in your house. I know there is already a method with GeForce experience but it would be better to have an officially established app and functionality.
  8. I still have the issue. Not sure why. I might try to redownload Cemu fresh and set it up from scratch and see if that helps. Thanks.
  9. Currently, when I try to launch my Wii U titles on CEMU v. 1.3.1D from launchbox, the application opens, loads up some shaders and then just disappears completely. This is utilizing the "-f -g" command line parameters that I've read about from the other posts in this forum. The rom is directed at the .rpx file located in its original folder. The .rpx file was not copied over to the launchbox games folder. What's confusing me is that if I open CEMU regularly outside of Launchbox and open the game from my games list it opens no problem. As well, if I leave out the command -g Cemu will open to my games list from launchbox and I can open the file there no problem. So there is something going on with the -g command. Has anyone experienced this?
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