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  1. Pretty sure I need to reupload all of the CPS1 and CPS2 files and say my platform is Arcade, but use the CPS1 and CPS2 emulator options. Ugh
  2. So, a few things. I've got my games working and good to go. However, the Capcom games I have are in CPS1 and CPS2 platform folders like I watched on ETA Prime's video. The thing is, I want all of them to be in the Arcade folder. I'm not one of those types that wants 2000 games. I'm hand picking the ones i want in my arcade and for me, it would look cleaner if I had it in Arcade. I put it as "Scrape as: Arcade" but it still shows up in white text in Big Box as "CPS1" and "CPS2". Also, I've got a working Marvel vs Capcom 2 Rom for Demul/Naomi, but its not within Launchbox/BigBox. I'm unsure of what commands I'll need to do in order to have it in Launchbox/BigBox. This is the video I followed, for reference. Thanks for all the help. Appreciate it. EDIT: I've got the game opening up in Demul, then this Select ROM screen shows up. I don't know how to command it to open fully and directly to the game. I've attached screenshots.
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