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  1. still cant upload anything, this is annoying now anyway here's my model 2 pack if your interested
  2. And Contra didn't get uploaded yet i'll do it later today if it lets me upload 👍
  3. Just tried again, same thing though error code -200🤬
  4. Well i still can't upload anything here, so here's the YouTube video with mega download link for all those who want it
  5. Still no joy, i'll post a link to my youtube video with the mega link if thats ok?
  6. Well i still can't upload anything, think it may be my end gonna try on the htpc later, i'll let you guys know how that goes 👍
  7. Thanks PaDeMoNiuM, thought it was just me, and thank you for the comment 👍
  8. Anyone else having trouble uploading files, it wont start and gives me error code -200
  9. HI guys, just about finished this pack, i was also doing a version for Coin Ops Next 2, while doing the cabinet art i also decided to make some marquees from the themes i made, the ones i found wasn't the best quality so i remade them. should i inclued them in the pack here's some examples, let me know what you think, sorry it took so long all the games stopped working on my pc for some strange reason.
  10. Final bunch Of themes for Nesica, i'll animate them tomorrow hopefully be uploaded by the week end
  11. Some more done today, i'm just going to use some of my Taito Type X themes in here for the ones with the same games to speed things up a little ?
  12. Thanks Zugswang, i just rather upload them all at once rather than individually ?
  13. So Here's the start of the NesicaXlive Pack enjoy
  14. I personally like the fade in, i'll speed it up next time though ?
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