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  1. theres also my teknoparot/launchbox set up tutorial on my YouTube channel if anyone needs help setting it up 😁👍
  2. you can use them as you please, if you want I can do you some gameplay vids just let me know what you want, I have all of the games and patreon teknoparrot
  3. there on this forum under downloads game video themes, no need to grab them from youtube 😀
  4. Hi guys, here's my video guide to set up Yuzu within Launchbox Enjoy
  5. Hi, yes just watch the video with the red background above your post no rocketlauncher involved, just Teknoparrot and Launchbox
  6. New video guide on how to get this working without rocketlauncher and me talking you guys through it enjoy
  7. sucramjd

    Initial D 5

    Initial D 5 View File Initial D 5 for you guys 😀 Submitter sucramjd Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Initial D 5 for you guys 😀
  9. this ones got hardly any artwork its a nightmare
  10. Thanks my man, I remember you from Hyperspin forums
  11. this is some of my best redrawing ever, thanks THK he taught me everything I know.
  12. now after 10 hours or more looks like this, in my spare time of course no wonder im tired
  13. Smashed these outta the park like I promised, now here comes the begging bowl, well it aint really begging bowl, all I ask is you like and subscribe to me on youtube and i'll love you forever, I work ten hours a day, have a family and do this in the only spare time I have, so please subscribe to me, oh and give me all your spare change thank you Gaming 4eva@youtube.com Thank you.
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