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  1. sucramjd

    Sony Playstation 3

    Sony Playstation 3 View File PlayStation 3 for you guys/gals Submitter sucramjd Submitted 01/16/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  2. sucramjd

    Sony Playstation 3

    Version 1.0.0


    PlayStation 3 for you guys/gals
  3. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    PlayStation 3, made the ps3 logo and video border nice and shiney, thought the black was a bit boring enjoy:)
  4. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    I can have a go artwork depending really, i'll see what I can come up with 😁
  5. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    Thank you very much my friend glad you like them means a lot 😁 plenty more to come now i'm getting back into it.
  6. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    Next up? you guys decide I was going to do Nintendo switch or PS3 fancied a change
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Midway Classics for you guys/gals enjoy
  8. sucramjd

    Midway Classics

    Midway Classics View File Midway Classics for you guys/gals enjoy Submitter sucramjd Submitted 01/12/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  9. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    Midway Classics for you
  10. sucramjd

    Sega Model 3

    Sega Model 3 View File New and improved Model 3 Video for you guys enjoy Submitter sucramjd Submitted 01/10/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    New and improved Model 3 Video for you guys enjoy
  12. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    Rework of my model 3 theme, was having a hard time finding some music but this track is great enjoy
  13. sucramjd

    Cinematic themes

    Next i'll do the model 3 one again, I was never happy with the result first time round, then next Midway Classics, should have at least two a week for you guys now i've gotten back into After effects
  14. sucramjd

    Namco Classics

    Version 1.0.0


    Namco Classics Theme for you guys
  15. sucramjd

    Namco Classics

    Namco Classics View File Namco Classics Theme for you guys Submitter sucramjd Submitted 01/06/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos