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  1. I too still have this problem. I am running 9.5 BigBox on my arcade. When I browse with keyboard, it's lightning fast and responsive. With joystick, sometimes it misses inputs. In game (MAME) I have no lag or missed button presses. Is there any update to this in the most recent betas? Is there a bug tracker for this?
  2. That'll work. It's not the region, but rather the Revision/Version. For some reason the MAME importer marks about 10 USA/NA games as "Hispanic" when there's a good USA copy available. Many of the SF/MVC games. Still, a search of the Revision/Version would be awesome.
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread, is there a way to do this in 9.5 yet? Would love to find all my incorrectly imported MAME roms which are set to "Hispanic" by default, rather than USA or World.
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