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  1. Hey! Congrats for this amazing work! Is there any chance to consider a dark mode? On oled (even at minimum brightness) the full white burns the eyes at night. Thanks again!!!
  2. thanks for this, I hope it makes bigbox usable on my vertical screen arcade
  3. hi guys! Any update on the font sizing? ☹️ @Jason Carr Thanks for any info
  4. Hey Neil9000! Thanks for the link, but by reading the descripction it seems that's not a perfect solution (but it will surely will help for now, so thanks again!) I think I can handle the edit of XML files, I would just need some pointers as for what especific file/s to edit, but again, according to what I read in the description of the vertical theme, it seems that there´s no solution for this. I hope there's something planned in order to optimize the use of this FE in vertical screens ☹️
  5. Hi guys! I'm using a vertically placed monitor in an arcade machine, everything works ok, but the text of the gamelist is very big and the name of the games is cut in half. Is there any option or file that can be modified to use a smaller font size? I'm using the default theme BTW. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys! Just to post that I'm still having this issue, my PC is a i57500 + 8gbram+GTX1060 6gb and I'm using a PS4 + DS4win My joysticks lags a lot, but the keyboard is smooth as butter so it's not a problem of the PC since big box can run perfectly Regards
  7. Still having the same problem, the keyboard works perfectly, but the joystick lags sometimes :( I tried with the PS4 joystick and now I'm using a 8bitdo (wired) with the same results.
  8. Thank you, I'll be glad to help with info about system and configuration. Meanwhile I'll try with other joysticks I have around (since right now I was using a DS4)
  9. Hey Lordmonkus, thanks for writing back. You mean 8.7? I was just testing it and it has the same issue. I was looking for options and I tought about installing joy2key in order to map the joystick inputs to keyboard's, so I did and tested it... works perfectly, no lag whatsoever. But obviously this is not an ideal solution, just a workaround for the problem.
  10. sadly still have this issue, how can it be that only with joystick the browsing has lag? with the keyboard works wonders, even with no image cache!
  11. Hello guys! I'm having serious lag when using joystick to browse through games, but this lag is absolutely absent when using the keyboard, what can be wrong? I tried using a ps4 joystick with DS4 driver and a 8bitDO with the same result. Specs: W10, 8GB of ram, i5 7500 CPU + 1060 6GB Thanks in advance
  12. Hey guys! I noticed that I can add a secondary app to be launched with a game if I right click and add it (to that particular game), but can I add that secondary app to one emulator (something like a global config) in order to avoid doing it game by game? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Thanks for your help, I'll have to do it manually then. When I go to the images folders, there are several folders with some kind of a localization (world, USA, North America), how should I save and name the screenshot to be indexed by big box? Nevermind, I remembered that I could just drang and drop the image Thanks again!!
  14. Hello guys! I have some games that do not have a screenshot and I was wondering if there's a simple way to add one, like a hotkey press that takes and saves a screenshot of the game, I think I saw that feature in some mame frontend some years ago. Anyway, If that is not an available option it would be nice to have it considered for the future. Thanks for the help, cheers!
  15. THANK YOU!! It worked great, also thanks for the warm welcome
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