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  1. I'll investigate if it can be done without affecting the perfomance of the theme, the idea es to keep it pretty, but fast, BTW the video snap can be previewed when selecting any game too.
  2. This one looks amazing, I'm integrating it right now into the theme along with NEO GEO!
  3. Nice versions! Can you send me the original files to integrate them into the theme? I'll give credits of course!
  4. Hey @Jason Carr ! You must know by now, but Just to let you know that the issue has been fixed. Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks for the update @Jason Carr I know it has nothing to do with you, but do you happen to know any ETA? Also just in case: I tested an old version of launchbox (11.17) and it works better (not as fast as the Emusync app, but definitely better than latest Launchbox).
  6. When using the Sync app from emumovies, the download speed is great, but when using Launchbox it takes forever to get any media, maybe launchbox uses some redirect server/DNS/IP and that's the problem?.
  7. Same thing for me, I just paid for Emumovies and the download is incredibly slow when using LaunchBox. If I use EmuSync the thing is REALLY fast, so it seems there's a problem with Launchbox. Here's the speed difference:
  8. H!! The problem is caused when using the "play" button directly from the gamelist, the solution is to go the normal route when selecting a game: Select any game and then choose the "play" option that Big box gives you: This won't cause the issue. Also (if you want) go to controller mapping and delete the "play" mapping, leave it as (None)
  9. I have the exact same problem, I was configuring LB to launch my Lightgun games, but whenever I launch a game in Demul using nomousy to hide the cursor it does not work and the damn cursor is always there
  10. The following corresponds to the "what's new" in MAME 0.237 and I wonder if it can, somehow affect the hi score feature Launchbox has.
  11. Hey! Is your launchbox updated to the latest version? Can you check if you added correctly the platform (Nintendo Switch)? I'll check the file layer today just in case, please comment back! EDIT: Tested the file with a new installation of launchbox, Switch "Console mode" shows up fine when changing view 👍
  12. Thanks @faeran and @y2guru for your help! Another question! I have been searching for the best method to add background music to an specific view, I'm sure I'm missing something since the only way I have been able to do it is to use a video that runs in the background. any indication is appreciated!
  13. Thanks, any comment from @faeran is appreciated, also nice to know that your support will be there eventually! My idea is to make something like this: But I can only get this as of now (using COMMUNITY )
  14. Hey @y2guru, great work as usual, thanks!! One question: is there any way to do something like this in wall view? Specific issues: 1.- I can't reduce the margin between rows (column margin can be kept to a minimum so is fine). 2.- I cant add more than 5 columns. Thanks for any help!
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