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  1. Added atari 2600 and 7800 to the console mini collection in flat and 3d cover flow modes
  2. Hey! Actually the console image is supposed to be there, I'll check to see what's going on! Thanks for the heads up! EDIT: Ok, fixed it, I'll update the file soon as I'm improving some other views, thanks again!
  3. This is a WIP, but feel free to ask any questions, I'm back from a long break, but I hope i can start improving and creating more themes for BigBox! Some Screenshots:
  4. NOV. 2023 UPDATE This was supposed to be a simple flat theme, but evolved into a 2 in 1, so you have the regular view which is flat and sleek and also you have available an optional view (per device) that resemble some classic mini consoles (including consoles that do not have mini versions as of yet). Features of this theme: Simple flat version that runs fast and looks great. No flashy animations that may affect perfomance. Optional "Classic Mini" view for many systems (WIP). Every Classic Mini view has it's own background music. Improved original design of some "Classic Mini" (Such as PSX and Genesis). Improved UI for some consoles like PS3, 3DS, etc. "Classic Mini" style views for consoles that do not have an oficial Mini version (such as PS2, WII, etc.). Platform/console selection with video (you need to download the video first from regular launchbox menu). Thanks to: @y2guru for your amazing theme editor @thiagofirmino for providing SNK Neo Geo and Sega Saturn Mini formats. - If you'd like to support my work, you can invite me a coffee anytime!
  5. Hey! I have a problem with rows, whenever I select... let's say 1 row, CTC shows 3, if I select 2 CTC shows 6. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, so any advice is appreciated.
  6. I feel the same whenever I let BigBox run the attract mode, it doesn't seem random at all, it's more like the wheel goes back and forth between the same value. Maybe an option to select a set number of jumps, lets say 5, then 3, then 10, then 8, and so on, it wouldn't be random, but it will cover the game list way better.
  7. This would be a great addition.
  8. really happy to see volume control fix/support when using BigBox as a shell, this has been the biggest issue on my arcade so far
  9. Hey joe! sorry for the late reply, I just tested all you told me to and the problem still persists, it's like BigBox does not know the second screen's position or number and just sends both windows to the same main screen... pretty weird stuff.
  10. Hey @JoeViking245 mine is just like the example you posted. I also have played with the screens position in windows, no dice so far. The 2nd BigBox Window is stuck in the upper left corner of the main (TV) screen #2 (the 4k TV) is selected as main screen.
  11. I was checking some old threads where a couple of users said it was fixed by setting the same DPI, but this is not my case so I was wondering if there's any news about this (the thread I read was from 2019) I'm using a 4k tv as main monitor + a thin lcd 1920x480 and no matter what config I use, the 2nd bigbox window shows only on the TV (behind main bigbox window). I have changed DPI, Resolution and orientation to match both screens with no luck, so any help is appreciated!
  12. Looking great! Whenever you can, please send me the PSD file, that way we don't lose quality in case I need to make some adjustments. I'm updating the GBA view right now, thanks for your support!
  13. Great design Thiago!, as usual you can send me the files so we can continue upgrading the theme (I'll credit the design obviously) !
  14. Hey man! thanks for the pack, it's always nice to have all media with the same template.
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