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  1. Apologies, know where core folder is, then just replace folder, or reinstall launch box again?
  2. Cool will do, downloaded beta 11.5 a couple of days ago, no change, will check storage format and let you know. Is it straight forward replacing core file without disrupting everything else, always fills me with dread as takes several days to compile art work, video ect. What is the core file name and file type?
  3. Hi @Jason Carr, I'll check later, buts its 1tb external hdd, im sure they come as NTFS. Did you see error messages above, with unified and unified redux it cant find theme files in cores\themes, seems to be OK with other themes? I did put unified theme folder in cores\themes and it worked, core\theme only available when launch box is open.
  4. @Retro808, firtsly thank you for all your help, greatly appreciated, people like yourself really make the retro community what it is! Yes on extrenal drive, I've done this so portable, and plan to copy to another external hdd so have back up. Following your previous posts i discovered that platform videos need to be downloaded independently which I have now done. Unfortunatley still cant use certain themes such as unifiedand unified redux, can't figure out why?
  5. @Retro808 I don't seem to have link share tab in theme folder properties?
  6. Thanks @Retro808, core\theme only seems to populate with current theme 's folder, when I change theme they go again, I install themes straight from big box menu, (is there an alternative source to this?) not sure if there is an issue with it, some themes seem to be fine, however none of the theme platform video's are downloading either? Just checked colourful theme, no videos in it's platform folder or any of the other theme's video\platform folders, is this right, do you have to download platform video's separtely? I've downloaded 11.5 - no change unfortunately. I was using bigbox ack in Feb with no issues, just spent a few setting emulators up again, this is teh final headache that I wasn't expecting.
  7. Ok still not working as it should be, appears that the cores\theme folder is only present when bigbox is running and program should move theme folder there when applied, seems for some reason bigbox is not moving unified and unified redux to core\themes when applied as main theme - if anyone has a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ok seem to have found a fix, my themes are being downloaded to LaunchBox\Themes, but for some reason unified and unified redux are looking in LaunchBox\core\themes and the folder is empty? Most other themes seem to be working ok with themes files left where launch box has put them, in LaunchBox\themes. The LaunchBox\cores\themes folder was empty? I've moved unified folder there and now works? Should I have the 2 different theme folders in 2 different locations?
  9. Ver 11.4, can i download a previous version, and could I do this without losing settings, data, videos and artwork?
  10. Unable to change theme on BigBox, I can install any theme, however get the below message when attemping to apply and theme returns to default and I recieve 3 error messages stating "an error ocurred while parsing the custom" 1st for system platform, 2nd for thumbnails, and 3rd for platform wheel, then just defaults back to default theme, am also getting these 3 error messages when launching big box. This seemed to happen after applying BannerBox theme, and BannerBox is the only theme I can now apply and error messages stop.
  11. When importing games, it does not recognise files, (gdi files in folders) only zipped folders, but doesn' extract files to run games. When importing games it creates multiple games for same game. Paid for bigbox on pc, used to use arc browser on android, this doesn't seen functional on android, am I going to have to change all files names and structure? Is there art work for platforms?
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