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  1. thx budyy, you were right, i deleted the last two lines. thx for the help man.
  2. incredible, thats why i love nerds. thank you. that is how it looks like. copyroms.bat mylist.txt
  3. i think we mean the same. i want a bat file just like the guy who started this thread. once you launch that bat file in a full rom set folder, it creates a subfolder and copies my selected games into it. thx
  4. i selected the games by hand and put the zip files in a spereate rom folder.
  5. hi, i trimmed down my mame collection to 633 games, which i consider as "must have". it is all clean, no clones, only parent roms. Tested and working with version 0.207. My question is how do i create a batch file so i can share it with you guys? so it copies my roms to a subfolder in a full rom set folder.
  6. hi, great work but why did u choose clone roms instead of parent? there are 143 clone roms in there.
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