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  1. Awesome, that worked! @faeran Thank you for all your hard work. Im addicted to this theme, i appreciate it! Is it possible to remove this section (within the yellow area i have highlighted below) in the image display and leave only the surrounding edges? Even though i love it, I have some high quality images which get impacted by the glare.
  2. How can i remove the cart image from the SNES games list view?
  3. Sorry to bug you again, I've been playing around with this theme for the past couple of day and am absolutely in love with it. I was trying to figure out if supports Platform Videos? I tried just about every Platform View, but can never get it to work. Additionally, how can i add a background image to the game view while scrolling horizontal (just like the video above) ?
  4. That's awesome! It worked beautifully. Thanks again Retro808!
  5. Thank you so much Retro808! That worked perfectly! Such a beautiful theme. Would you happen to know if i can remove the time clock in the upper right hand side or if i can change it to 12hr format?
  6. How do i get theme to display horizontal like the picture above? I tried changing the style in Views but it always stays in vertical view with details.
  7. Amazing work! This theme is perfect. Thank you for your hard work. How do i get Windows games to show up horizontal?
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