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  1. I want to control BigBox with my Media Center remote. While a lot of commands work using default settings, the "back" button on the remote doesn't. It sends a "Browser Back" input to the PC, which I can remap in BB so that it works, but then "Esc" no longer works when using a keyboard as input, which I also do sometimes. In this case I have to choose either/or. Is there any way to have both "Esc" and "Browser Back" mapped to the same command in BigBox?
  2. I have this exact problem on a new NUC8i3. No audio when loading Content directly (not specific to Launch Box, loading content directly from the command line does the same thing) but audio works if I load the Content from within the RetroArch UI. It also works if I use non-exclusive Fullscreen, but I can't because my desktop resolution is 4k and I have performance issues so I use fullscreen @1080p for RetroArch. Has there been anything new discovered surrounding this problem?
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