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  1. after googling for like the whole day i am no nearer to actually running a Spectrum game in Mame. My command line was mame spectrum -cass 10thframe.tap I think all this does is 'mount' the game for the Spectrum emulation, and i still have to type the commands to load the game like one would do on a real Speccy. I cant find any mention of a quickload or autoload function in mame which would be handy ! How does one load a spectrum game like its on a real spectrum but with a PC keyboard ? LOL I think i need a valium. Anyway a couple of posts i read mentioned using snapshot files of games. So i had Fuse save one but it wouldn't load it back in.. great ! (another valium please)
  2. The Mess emulator was merged into mame a while back, so i thought it would be good to try the latest mame 207 with ZX Spectrum roms. I have tried Spectaculator and it works ok but the video output removes the border and i had strange patterning with the tv scanlines etc plus its not been updated for years and isnt free ! Retroarch was ok, i had issues with controls not working at first but managed to sort some of this out, so i will still use this. But for games that wont work i was hoping to have Mame as a backup. Only thing is i cant get a single game to run. Outside of Launchbox i managed to get a Spectrum Basic screen up but no game runs ? Its like it is ignoring the game completely ? I have the Spectrum bios/rom in a folder called Spectrum inside of the Mame/roms folder which its happy with as the Spectrum Basic screen comes up. The games themselves i have tried in the same place and also mame/roms and even from a different drive. Anybody have this or other Mess titles working with these newer Mame versions ?
  3. Ah yes... the folder was pointing to the wrong folder ! Thanks for that !!
  4. Yeah mine takes a good few minutes too, but I assumed it was maybe the download speed of covers etc from emumovies.
  5. Hi, Using Launchbox 9.5, which finds nothing when checking for any added roms, despite new ones being there. Only way I can update any new roms is by going through the add roms wizard, Anyone else have this issue adding new roms ? Regards
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