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  1. Do you mean you don't want too see the details screen for the game on the right side?, And you don't want to be shown the little black box with the 4 icons on the top of the image??. If that's the case, Click on view and de-select "Game details" and "Show game icons on hover" Maybe you could upload a picture to clarify your issueπŸ˜‰
  2. That simply worked beautifully , Thanks for the tipπŸ˜‰
  3. Hi. I learned in another topic how to easily create a batch file so that you could just import a pc-games exe file into launchbox, And then boot it. But a console window shows up every time i run it in launchbox or Big box, I can get rid of the windows confirmation window by unchecking "run as administrator", But is there a way to get rid of the damn black console window as well. A bit unsure if it is the batch or the game that creates it?? The code for the batch is: pushd %~dp1 "%~nx1" And as always, Thanks for your time.
  4. You are crazy πŸ˜‹ My 1388 ps2 games pales in comparison, But i have clear logos, 3d boxes and gameplay videos for all of them. Could only find around 400 cd images, And i am freaking not going to make almost 1000 of them 😁. Are there really 6200 ps2 games made?, Holy crap. May i ask how big your setup is πŸ™ƒ
  5. I never done that either, But i know as much as if you want to customize the Windows 10 boot logo, You have to change Legacy mode To UEFI in your bios. search for Metabolix/HackBRGT on Github.
  6. Hi again. Is anyone having problems with very limited virtual memory for installing wads and saving games on the Dolphin emulator, Ran out of memory blocks already after installing the Wii system menu and 8 games to the nand. After deleting some saves in the data management it did not free up any memory on the virtual memory card, And moving save files to the virtual sd card did nothing either???. Only way i could free up some memory was to uninstall wads from the nand, Is this a bug in some of the revisions of Dolphin, Or does the same thing happen in stable versions??. Do anyone have experience with this?, And is there any way around it?. Regards
  7. I got it, Somehow i made something quite simple into something complex. (Controls) Wiimoteprofile1 = Super Mario Galaxy That did it, Thanks for your help.
  8. Ahh, So all you have to do is typing (controls), And underneath that the name of controller configuration.
  9. No i can't find it, Not in the document folder either. Well never mind, I just have to learn setting specific controller profiles for certain games. So you right click the game in the system menu and choose properties/Gameconfig and then editor. Then you need the title id of the game (Is that the same as the game id??), Then you need to make an ini file with the name of your controller configuration you made in the controller configuration in Dolphin RIGHT???. Sorry but i simply have to go to bed, Sleep well.
  10. Hmmm, I don't think i have any portable text file??? (Not in the main folder at least). Also just figured out why none of my installed wads was shown in dolphins main window, Turned out that i had not set a folder path to the game folder in Launchbox.
  11. Thanks for taking your time, But i just stick with the Options/Hotkey/Controller profile setting in Dolphin. Turned out i had some of my games set with another version of Dolphin, Confused me as they share the same controller profiles no matter what version of dolphin you open. πŸ˜‰
  12. Ok i might be stupid, Or my English skills might be failing. Discovered that you could go into options/Hotkey settings/Controller profiles in dolphin and make changes there. There are 4 wii remote options ranging from 1-4, I copied the profile names from my controller configurations and saved them there. But adding button commands on wii remote 1 don't do anything. Have i misunderstood the entire concept?.
  13. He he, That was the tutorial that gave me headache, Having to do this for every single game is insane. Sorry i didn't understand the tutorial at all, If some kind person would explain this in baby steps i would be very grateful. Thanks for the response.
  14. Hi there πŸ™‚ So i have experimented a bit with Importing Wii games and wiiware wads into Launchbox, And until now there have been no problems. But then came configuring my xbox controller in various ways for different games to be played properly (Yikes), So far i have made 3 different kind of setups BUT!!!, How do you use a certain profile for a game without going into Dolphin and change it manually??. First i thought you could just add another copy or build of Dolphin, And then have different controller profiles on each of them, But it seems they share profiles so that the last used profile will be the one you launch a new game with. Is there really no clever way without having to manually edit them where they are stored, Or maybe a way to add a hotkey to the controller to switch between them (Just reading the tutorial gave me a headache). Thanks as always for your valuable time.
  15. Thank's for the info. I only have like 4-5 iso's in bin/cue format, So that's okay. Deleting cue also works completely fine (never had any issues doing that). Actually never managed figuring out Mame, And find the front-end super annoying and confusing. Cheers πŸ˜‰
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