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  1. Thank's for the warning, But i installed everything into a new folder so there are 2 separate instances of VLC (No files are being overwritten/Replaced). It seems everything works smoothly, All i had to do was to change the directory to the new VLC.exe for both of my platforms. Also just placing the srt file besides the movie and naming both the same works beautifully. BTW, I'm only using this instance of Launchbox for my movies, I Have another one for my games. I reckon i have enough work for the next 4 years
  2. Nevermind. I fixed it by installing a new version of VLC in the thirdparty folder of Launchbox
  3. Hello community. Does anyone know why subtitles are not showing in movies you import with launchbox, After the movie is imported adding a subtitle through vlc does not show up after launching it with Launchbox (Not even if you hardcode it into the video itself). Is there a command i can add to the command line parameters??, Also subtitles do show up when just launching the video outside Launchbox. Thank's for your time.
  4. I really don't have much experience with video files and how to convert them? I managed to put them back together with videopad into a single iso file, But the menu to select language and chapters was not set up correctly to a functioning menu. I tried to manually put all of the videoparts in a folder into the game folder in Launchbox, And then importing the Video_TS folder (Which should contain all the information needed), If i double click that file outside of Launcbox it works as intended with the intro and dvd menu selection (Or if i just right-click the folder and launch it wi
  5. Hi. I'm very well aware that Launchbox is not a movie frontend, But if you have no problems configuring everything yourself it's not bad at all for that purpose. My problem is that i have a video dvd that is split up in different parts rather than a whole image, I lost the original dvd image years ago due to corruption on an external HDD drive. I have no problem playing it using VLC (right-clicking on the folder or double-clicking on the video_TS file works fine), But i can't figure out how to import it properly??, VLC crashes when trying to launch it from Launchbox.
  6. Thank you for your help, It was the ID thing that was the issue. new knowledge added.
  7. Thank's for the response. Hmmm, Can't see what i am doing wrong here, When i downloaded the media for the 2 games i got 2 images of "10 Pin: Champions Alley" named incorrectly as "10.000 Bullets", But rthere was no 3d cover of 10.000 bullets even though it should be accesible to download from emumovies (Found it there manually). I don't know really??, Maybe a glitch in the Launchbox database. Moving on
  8. Merry Christmas (A little late) :). I have a little problem with showing the correct images in Launcbox, I have 2 ps2 games which Launchbox think's is the same game. For some reason launchbox thinks that "10.000 Bullets" And "10 Pin: Championship Alley" is the same game, I have 2 3d box images of 10 Pin : championship alley, But they are incorrectly named as 10.000 bullets. After trying to do a custom setup by placing 2 3d box images of each game in the 3d box folder in Launchbox, And 2 images of the games in the fan-art background folder i can not get the fan-art backgro
  9. I solved it myself LOL, Just dragged the banner logo into the clear logo folder and named it the same. Just a little strange that in launchbox platform list it's set to the banner folder, But it's using the clear logo folder????
  10. Hi again!!. I'm trying to edit the images on the platform wheel in big-box, But how do i force the changes through. I'm assuming it should be changed in Launchbox to show up in big box??, I'm right clicking the ps2 platform to edit the image, But no matter what i do Launchbox refuses to change the picture and resets to the default one every time. I have 2 folders in Launchbox/Images/platforms with images, I want to use the image in the banner folder, But Launchbox refuses and resets and even recreates the image in the clear logo folder if i remove or delete it (But
  11. I'm finding this big box set-up pretty weird. When i am viewing the themes they have background music and animations playing, But when i select them as my main theme they don't ?? A few of them work, But most don't. Also having problems just launching big box.
  12. Ha ha ha, I already did switch it on in options/sound. For some strange reason the music is suddenly working, Deleting the xml also seems to have solved the start up theme playing. Just thought that the music files would be put into the folders named music in Launchbox, Strange how issues can solve themselves while not working to begin with
  13. Another issue i'm also having is that there is "NO" background music being played at all!! There are sounds, But no music on startup or after selecting platforms (dead silent) Tried to reset the settings by deleting the bigbox setting xml file in the data folder of Launchbox, But it did not make any difference. I have 2 platforms (Nintendo Entertainment System and PS2), I only have game music for the nintendo system, No background music and no music at all for the PS2 (The music folders are empty except for the music for the nintendo game roms). Sounds
  14. I have to admit that i don't know much (if anything) about rogue commands??, But wouldn't it keep sending signals about pressing a button?? (And not just a single press), I do not think the answer is that easy. Tried unplugging my controller (It's wired) and also disabled controller in settings, Sadly still the same same. Initializing big-box, And then video skips and goes straight to a custom theme for my ps2 library (Strange).
  15. Hmm!!! are you referring to automatic input commands on my controller??? Sorry!! bit im completely lost on the deep blue when you are suggesting rogue commands, Are we talking virusses???. Pretty sure my pc is not infected with covid-19 in any way.
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