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  1. I know what the text files are now, LOL it's just a description og english translated roms and their checksum, It's probably from a archive containing translation patches (But why they are there?). will try reimporting tomorrow. Thank's for taking your time to help me out.
  2. Um, Okay. I thought i was using Launchbox own scraper?. The only other scraper i have ever tried to use is a movie scraper (which didnt work) and deleted afterwards, And then emumovies sync utility. I moved the text files and the backup XML, But it didnt seem to do anything. If i remove both, The NES platform will of course not show up at all. Do you think it would work if i removed both XML files and the text, And then did a fresh reimport of the roms? I have my whole setup on a WD 18TB external drive, And other than launcbox, I only have a file written to it, To prevent it from falling asleep, And a archive that contains the Neondeluxe font, What generates these text files is a damn mystery.
  3. Hi Retro808 I have already tried to experiment a little with the XML files, Tried to remove the XML with the smallest size in hopes of Launchbox would somehow reafd the larger files (Which i suppose would contain the larger setup) LOL i really don't know to much about this. There are 2 XML files for the Nintendo Entertainment system, 1 With the size of 1.56 MB, And 1 with the size of 3.01 MB. What stand out for the rest of the platform XML files is 2 txt files for the Nintendo entertainment system called " Nintendo Entertainment system missing serial.txt, These are the only txt files that have been generated in the folder. It looks like this.
  4. Apparently i ended up in some kind of "The twillight zone" Scenario", Where weird things just keeps on happening with my setup of launchbox. Yesterday i scanned for added roms for my NES collection, And from looking at the actual number of roms in game folder to looking at the display number in launchbox itself, I could see that about 35 roms were not imported. But after the import i suddenly had more Games displaying in Launchbox than i had in my NES games folder, And there was no duplicates of roms imported. I found (after counting the amount manually, That the display count in Launchbox was wrong) Whaaat? So i decided to delete all media for nes platform, And move my roms to another folder, And then reimport the whole collection again. All roms succesfully imported with no metadata or media issues, And the display count in Launchbox was also correct, According to the number of roms in my Games folder. But but but!; This morning i launched launchbox, And everything was reverted back to the setting before i choose to reimport everything, All my work is completely lost. From what i can gather of imformation, it could very well be an issue with the XML files loading the wrong setup or something? I find this very strange, If i work on my setup, It will just reset next time i launch Launchbox.
  5. Yeah! i figured it out. But the newer versions has also problems with the database. 13.0 also caused an error log with Launchbox closing right after (But it was a bit more stable). I'm now on 13.11, (Seems stable for now) no error log yes :),
  6. I just wanted to say Thanks. I had the exact same problem with the metadata search. So apparently i had to update to version 13.0, To get it to work.
  7. Hi JoeViking245 This is so weird, It is already set for Nintendo Entertainment System. I wouldnt call myself a complete expert, But i am prettty experienced with Launchbox (used it for years and knows most if it's features now). I kid you not, When i say there must be a connection problem to the database (and yes! it's allowed through my firewall). Just for fun i reimported 3 NES games, And all 3 is now missing the Metadata (Media is fine). Also just for fun i tried to reimport 3 ps1 games, Scraping is set for sony playstation, All 3 is also missing metadata now. Ok! Guess what metadata is available for Crash bandicoot?. Correct name is just Crash bandicoot, But the metadata search in launchbox finds (Crash bandicoot for Android/IOS/Microsoft XBox/Microsoft XBox One) No playstation version. Sorry for my ramblings, Well at least i can play the games LOL
  8. Strange error messages, Trying to search metadata for nes files (With correct name friom the database), So why the hell is it only showing Microsoft X box version of the games (NES version is not showing) Prompted to download metadata package (also tried to force update), But if i do, It will come up with a error message (Look at my other post) And then Launchbox just closes. Have tried the backup restore option, I have checked my firewall and protection history in both Defender and Malwarebytes (Nothing there) BTW the Launchbox folder is already excluded anyway. Have tried to install launchbox on top of my old install (It worked searching for metadata 3 times), And now it have reverted to error messages again. BTW : Why have this forum become so unresponsive, Have all the moderators left? I'm not trying to be rude, But i actually do have paid for lifetime premium membership, And membership of emumovies.
  9. Is it because i have an older version of Launchbox?, I can see that the database has been through a redesign update. Maybe this post should be moved to the database section of the forum, Are the developement team looking into this issue? Launchbox, Just closes with this error, I really need some help getting this sorted out. And as always, Thank's for taking your time to help me out.
  10. Hi Launchbox forum. I'm getting an error when trying to get metadata for NES roms (It also happens with other platforms) First the error message was something like this : An error ocurred trying to get Metadata from the metadatabase, Then i tried the "force update games database metadata", And now i'm getting this message when trying manually to serarch for metadata. Haven't encountered this before???
  11. HI. I am in the middle of setting up my Psp platform on Big-box, But i am about 50 images short of having an image of the UMD disc for every game i imported. This is normally not a big problem if it was just just regular discs for the the ps1,ps2 and so on, Is there any site where you can create these without having to fiddle around with photoshop or other advanced editors? something like uploading a normal box image that automatically generated the shape of an UMD disc image, Or something like that?
  12. Still the Same, And it apparently only gets worse. Today mostly 5-7 minutes of Querying Emumovies, occasionally up to 8-9 minutes. Would any of the support staff please address this to Jason, I haven't heard from him since i wrote to him 3 days ago. Something with the net-neutrality, Or is it simply just the server that needs updating. I would really appreciate if this was addressed (THANK'S)😉
  13. Reason for posting this is that in the past 5 days it has taken around 5 minutes for a launchbox search to find the data on Emumovies, Downloading is swift but it shouldnt take so long to complete a search (A bit annoying in the long run). Pretty uncertain if it's Launchbox or Emumovies with the server problem?. Would be nice if there was something that could be done about it.
  14. What i was trying to suggest was to import the standalone PCSX2 emulator into Launchbox and run them from the emulator itself.
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