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  1. Hi there. I'm using a mix of emulators and Retroarch to manage my games across the platforms. But somehow i managed to overwrite previous controller mappings for other platforms when i made new mapping for other platforms??. Maybe it's a little noobish too ask, But how do i make sure each mapping is only tied to 1 certain platform??, Is it the autosave configure after mapping my controller, Or is it the core remap save. Also is there somehow i can see what games are handled by which emulators??, I need to backtrap and sort it out.
  2. Thanks for replying (That was so nice of you). Well well, I wasn't exactly looking for 4K resolution. Just thought to sharpen up the graphics a bit and get textures to be crisp, The 4 options on the paralell core was either a bit misaligned/foggy or blurry and i simply see any difference in the video filters (but now i know the paralell core is made for accuracy). Yikes!! command line emu's, I briefly tried Mupen(without configuring anything), Ahem! let's just say it needs some configuration(Graphics was terrible), Are there any noob friendly guides for it?, And do you know if there are any other emulators worth mentioning for the Nintendo 64??.
  3. Hi everyone. To be honest i'm fairly new when it comes to emulate the Nintendo 64, But i did explore some different emulators and starting to get a better hang of it. I started out using Project 64 (different versions) and in my opinion this is the one giving the best graphic and texture quality, But you can't set shortcut commands on your controller like Exit/reset and so on. Then i tried out the paralell core on Retroarch which is much easier to handle and has all the command which Project 64 is missing(To bad there's no Project 64 core on Retroarch), Only problem is that i don't seem to get the same quality in rendering, And the textures look no way as sharp as on project 64 (Graphics is set to automatic) So what i'm looking for is the same quality as in Jabo's direct 3d8 and sharper textures on the paralell core in Retroarch, I only see 4 options for texture filtering and i don't really think any of them looks good. There's a 100% certainty that i overlooked tons of options, But now i'll ask anyway (I might get some good advice).
  4. Oh crap!!!, Made a spelling error. NEED MORE COFFEE. Thank's for taking your time correcting my mispelled Nintendo Gameboy to Nintendo Game Boy. Now it's working.
  5. Oh sorry. Are you not supposed to use the gameboy color platform for gameboy also? I didnt have it in the list to begin with, But now i added a new platform called nintendo gameboy and attached the gambatte core there, But it still won't run it. This is my first time using Retroarch with Gameboy.
  6. Is the platform name for Gameboy in Retroarch not the same as Gameboy color, I can't see any platforms in Retroarch that's only named Gameboy. I attached 2 screenshots of my setup, If you would be so kind to have a look at them.
  7. The application path is of course set to the Retroarch.exe, And the cores are downloaded on Retroarch already.
  8. Hello community. I can't get Retroarch to run any of my gb roms?, There are no problems when trying to run other roms like nes or atari or running the gb roms directly through Retroarch. I've tried setting it up on Launchbox using 4 different gb cores, But it won't even boot them??. I was having a problem running a certain rom using gambatte/sameboy/Visualboyadvance (showed only a white screen), And suddenly found out that Retroarch wouldn't boot any of them on Launchbox when trying that solution instead??. Regards.
  9. Just wanted to say it helped reverting back to Launchbox ver. 8.7. Now I'm back on 20-30 seconds for saving a file. Not saying it's the updates fault, But somehow it must be related to it.
  10. Yep the 2 first steps are pretty smooth, It's the now saving part that takes a couple of minutes in my case. BTW is it safe rolling back?, It Might or might not fix it (Who knows).
  11. Ok, But i had this problem for about a week now. I also thought it would solve itself, But i have restarted Launchbox and my pc several times during the last 7 days, and nothing has changed?. I have never experienced importing and saving after just a few seconds, Can i borrow your lucky trousers 😀 ?
  12. Yeah it's a little strange, A single nes rom shouldn't take 2 minutes to save. Just wanted to ask if it's safe rolling back the update by using the update folder in Launchbox?. Regards.
  13. Hello hello. is there any way to shorten save times when importing?, I was used to around 30 seconds but now it takes around 2 minutes (It happened after i updated from ver. 8.5 to the newest). my game library is quite big but it was also big before i updated?, It would be really cool if there was something i could do about it. Is anyone experiencing this as well?
  14. But now it takes around 10 seconds before it switches?? For some weird reason.
  15. Okay i see, But i'm still having the bug/issue even when using the new command. It's strange???, I fixed it yesterday by deleting Mesen completely and redownload it. But today when i boot up Mesen it does it again (No matter if it's the old or new command-line) i use??? It starts in fullscreen and then after a few seconds switch to windowed?? If anyone have any ideas/suggestions for solving this, I would really appreciate it (As i always do)
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