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  1. That might sound like a good idea, Do you get a better performance that way? I just have a 20TB HDD solely for Launchbox + games Is there a performance impact with more demanding games???
  2. Thank's for trying to help, I got it fixed Why the ?#ยค%&%ยค#ยค%& have windows 10 changed the drive letter of my external hdd where Launchbox are installed??, I've personally chosen that letter myself to avoid conflicts with other drives. Windows changed it to I: (But why?)
  3. Thank's for answering (At least), But no!!! After i had an unexplainable occurrence where i lost over 400 nes files (They simply vanished into thin air) i'm more a control freak than ever. I have all the roms in my folders and all the emulators are also still present in their folders.And every single rom is in a rar archive due to schizophrenia of losing them if they're i a raw format
  4. And rolling back to a previous restore backup don't change anything (Apparently), Tried the backup that was created right before i closed the Launchbox window and backups from 10 days ago (No luck). Also tried to roll windows back to a restore point made a week ago (Didn't think it would anyway, But who knows??)
  5. Also just wanted to add that all my folders for all media/Games/emulators are inside Launchbox's directory which has the letter A:
  6. Hi community. As the title says!! this is the error i get when trying to boot a game in Launchbox?, And it seems it goes for all the different emulators i use to run Nes games (i using 6 different). I think it occurred after i moved 2 roms to another folder from the game folder in Launchbox, And the by accident closed the Launchbox window immediately after (something got messed up). The reason i'm not just importing the roms again, Is because they're set with different emulators (mostly retroarch), And we are talking a little over 3000 roms in total. Cheers
  7. Hmm, There seems to be nothing wrong with my internet connection and Launchbox are not blocked in outbound rules on my firewall. Alkso the entire A:/ drive where launchbox is located is excluded from both win defender and malwarebytes. As no one else has posted this problem, It's probably only on my end. It's of course possible that something is blocking the access, But i have no idea what it could be??
  8. Hi. For the past 3 days the "Refreshing Local metadata from the Launchbox games Database" has been incredible slow when importing roms the 1st time. Today it took almost 20 minutes before it started to import the roms, Could any of you mods notify Jason on this??. Regards.
  9. It's a good idea, But there is a ton to reinstall ๐Ÿ˜‰ For now i made a new user account and synced/Imported most of my stuff from the previous account.
  10. Yeah. Trying to adapt to the Brave browser at the moment.
  11. I previously experienced that windows defender in a nice cooperation with google chrome deleted some files i downloaded (Windows 10 has really gotten aggressive), But since then i always made sure to exclude my important files/folders and drives on both malwarebytes and windows defender. Chrome blocked the download and defender jumped in and wiped them (thank's Microsoft), And i also blocked windows 10 updates since then. I surely don't hope it's my drive which cost me a small fortune (20 tb don't come cheap). I can't get myself to make a clean win 10 install and loose close to 4tb.
  12. No! Just checked and it's not ticked. I don't think it's recoverable, More looking for some issue brainstorming on what the heck went wrong. But thank's for taking your time ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Probably sleepwalking)
  13. So i was in the middle of adding images to my NES rom hacks when i started getting the message that the game didn't exist i my game folder which i have imported to launchbox itself. Then i took a look at my game folder and noticed that it only consisted of 1630 roms where it previously held over 2000?. I know that i imported over 2000 to begin with, So how on earth is it possible for those roms to completely vanish from that folder?? ( i have not personally deleted anything??). I've looked everywhere on my pc , I've added exclusions on both windows defender and malwarebytes to the entire A:/ drive which is my external HDD on 20tb, Now i have also excluded my download folder (Just in case). Neither of my antivirus programs have found any viruses on my pc (full scans), My WD 20tb is just 2 months old and should work flawlesly (no errors or bad sectors), I've checked everywhere on my pc to see if i should have transferred them to another folder(why would i), There's nothing in my recycle bin and recuva couldn't find any rom files to recover??. It's a complete mystery and oh boy is it frustrating, How is this possible?? I'VE BEEN BLOODY CURSED, No more Castlevania 3.
  14. Are you sure it's a Read-only issue under properties?, I don't think it is! (I could be wrong of course). What game/rom is it??, If it's a hack or translated rom it often happens that Launchbox get's confused and imports it under a different name or completely think's it's an entirely different game ๐Ÿ˜€. Try looking for it under it's english or japanese name, Some of my best moments consists of finding a wrongly titled rom among 943 others. Or maybe Launchbox thinks it's already imported and refuses to add it, If that's the case remember to tick the box that says "Force importing duplicate games",
  15. Hoorayy (If anyone cares??? i managed to find a few that managed to have controls for the damn hack, But they suck big time, Except 1 which is Bizhawk. And here comes the weird part???, Almost all of the emulators starts the game at the beginning, While bizhawk starts the game in an under-water world where the game ends after completing the stage???.
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