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  1. After some fiddling around I now have every game emulator, steam, and big box all using xinput mode on the ipac2. Multi mode let’s me switch to keyboard controls for the few games that need it. All and all it works great and from the Ultimarc site: All firmware except J-PAC now supports the Multi-Mode operation which enables switching to dual game controller mode or dual X-Input mode. Check the Multi-Mode tab on the product pages for more info. Before upgrading ensure you have the I-PAC shift functionality enabled otherwise mode switching will not work. The default is Start1 being the shift control. Click here to download all multi-mode firmware versions. hope that helps
  2. I’ve been running into controller issues with steam as well, but ipac2 Now has firmware that supports custom keyboard setup as well as xinput controllers. Once you get it working properly you can hold a couple button to go back and forth between the two. There is also a shift key for additional controls. I set my cabinet up with a latching push button so I can switch to a second keyboard setup.
  3. Lordmonkus you were right. Chugging along at 54% 😂 guess I need a better computer. Thanks guys.
  4. Hi guys and gals, I am having issues with some games (most notably golden tee fore) having audio shutter. The rest of the game runs fine but the audio has a weird echo. I have tried searching the forums for an answer but am having no luck. I have tried turning triple buffering off as well as tinkering with every audio option in mame to try and solve it with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
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