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  1. I just recently got the typextra emulator working with nessica games but i am looking for a little guidance on how to setup my controls for each game. In my case i am using an ipac that emulates keys so i am not sure what is the best way or how to setup my controls for each nessica game. I can change the keys to emulate an xbox controller but i would prefer not to go this route if there is something else i can do. Anybody have any experience with setting controls for nessica games using typextra?
  2. So i guess there is no way to force 90 fps, by any chance can this get added at some point?
  3. i did the setup and it indeed needed a script to keep the arcade control lights on. Copy the script into the same folder as the game exe. Manually edit the game in launchbox to execute the attached script instead of the game exe. make sure you change your file paths in the script to match where your game exe is located. This should launch the game and automatically close the script after you exit the game. Killer_Instinct.ahk
  4. First thing you need to do is download and install the latest autohotkey along with notepad ++(notepad ++ is not required but way better than notepad). I am actually setting up killer instinct myself on my arcade cabinet so give me a day and i should have the script you need to launch it. Do you have the steam version of the game?
  5. Sometimes windows games have launchers that only stay running during startup and then the main application kicks in. This usually causes ledblinky to quicky flash the lights during startup but then almost immediately shut off. You may need to launch the game using a ahk script that stays running while the game runs.
  6. So i went and tried all the different settings and the problem still persists. I did try 60 fps and set my monitor to 60 hertz just to test and i found all the videos and animations are now smooth but the scrolling text is still a stuttering mess. Any ideas on why the scrolling text of all things would still be a problem if everything else is running smoothly? My guess is it must be something with the freesync monitor and big box but not really sure at this point. I will just disable scrolling text for now. Is there anyway to add 90 fps or change a config file to force it in bigbox?
  7. I am running a freesync monitor that is set to run at 90 Hertz default. I am noticing that videos and scrolling text are running choppy due to big box running at 60 fps. I found an old forum post indicating that a feature would be added to allow changing the FPS that Big Box runs. Has this feature ever been implemented and if so how do i change it to 90 fps to match the monitor frequency?
  8. Let me first off by saying, awesome job on the theme. The built in dynamic marquee is a great addon. I have a few questions concerning the theme. 1. Can i somehow disable the scrolling text in both the platform/playlist view and games list view? The text is just not scrolling smoothly. Dont know if this has to do with the freesync monitor i am running. 2. Lastly i was wondering if there are any theme matching platform/playlist marquee banners available?
  9. I figured out the problem! For some reason after the windows upgrade the vjoy driver stayed enabled. This normally is never enabled but is used with universal control remapper (UCR). Not sure why but when vjoy is enabled and listed in windows list of joystick devices it causes this error with demul.
  10. Looking for help on what is causing this demul error after upgrading windows 10 1709 to windows 10 1803 version. I did find others with similar errors but everything i have tried so far has made no difference. I have several versions of Demul installed including the latest 180428 version and they all are now throwing this error for any game i try to play. If i click ok on the error it will continue to the game and play fine but the popup box is sometimes out of focus so i cannot always just hit enter. I am not using any joysticks and this is all being controlled via an IPAC. It seems like some kind of directx error but looking for any solutions out there to fix the error or use some kind of script to just close the error box automatically.
  11. i rencently got back into virtual pinball and setup pinball fx3 with all the bally williams tables, visual pinball, and some future pinball tables. since pinball arcade had lost the williams license and doesnt have an easy way to launch single tables i decided against purchasing. pinball fx3 arcade physics just for the bally williams tables are pretty good. they made significant improvements to physics when they released the bally williams tables. if you have not tried the fish tales table with arcade physics, then give it a shot. visual pinball has always been pretty good but each table can have big differences in table physics. its just a matter of finding the table version you prefer. future pinball is good but development has stopped i think. you really have to match the right version of bam physics on a per table basis. if you have the wrong physics matched to the table then its sometimes unplayable.
  12. kind of a longshot but have you tried launching games using just a keyboard and bypassing the keyboard encoder(assuming your using an ipac of some sort)? do you still have the mame startup issue using just a standard keyboard with no other controls plugged into the pc?
  13. I have had some experience with demul and most of the time the dreamcast rip is the problem as mentioned above but there are a few other things you can try. If its a bin and cue try converting it to a chd file. There is a free utility called "cue or gdi to chd" that will convert cue or gdi files to chd. I have had very good luck with doing this conversion. If you dont already have the lastest version of demul then try updating. The very latest version is 180428. After uprading some of my cdi games started working properly.
  14. for the crosshairs being off make sure you have calibrated the gun in both the aimtrak utility and in the games service menu if it has one. carnevil does have a sevice menu to calibrate your guns
  15. couple other things to try: 1.seems like microsoft released a patch that caused severe game performance issues. make sure you have the patch installed that adresses the problem kb4489889. 2. try disabling fullscreen optimizations in the compatibility tab for mame64.exe. 3. make sure the new focusing feature is completely off in windows 10. try turning off game mode in windows 10. 4. make sure you dont have any video card driver utilities running that may be conflicting like geforce experience etc. try disabling or uninstalling.
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