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  1. This is to be expected for loaders of newer arcade games. I know "game loader all rh" will cause the same issues with antivirus programs when downloading and installing. I cannot say for sure the source your downloading from isn't malware but i have been using it for some time and have had no issues. The machine i use this on is dedicated solely as an arcade cabinet with no personal information. seemed pretty legit based upon the post in the forum.
  2. I copied and modified the default pause screen. Fairly easy to do. Now the instruction card shows up in the same spot as the "arcade controls" image for the arcade games platform. I just copied the arcade.xaml and renamed it to Visual Pinball under a new pause theme. Then i changed my background image priorities to have the backglass image behind everything.
  3. Thanks JoeViking245 Adding the AHK script as shown in your first post worked out great in bigbox mode. I can confirm this does work for VPX 10.6 at least for tables that don't require UltraDMD. My VPX setup is in fullscreen windowed mode so i don't know if this will work on fullscreen exclusive mode. I also have force pause screen enabled but not sure if that really makes a difference or not. now onto finding all the pinball instruction cards to add into launchbox/bigbox. Thanks again!!
  4. Has anybody gotten Visual Pinball 10.x in desktop mode working with launchbox pause screens? I have gotten the pause screen to work but when returning to the game to resume playing, the playfield is out of focus and i have to ALT-TAB to bring it back into focus. Does anybody have an tips for getting the focus to return to the game instead of the visual pinball menu?
  5. Does anybody know if you can switch from keyboard to xinput by calling a custom ipc file? it would be nice if you could just switch back and forth on the ipac by loading the needed IPC file before and after game startup.
  6. I would recommend Basing your monitor size on games you want to play and size of arcade cabinet. I use a 16x9 27" for a cabinet that is 30" wide. I wanted to play both modern and classic arcade games so the 16x9 aspect ratio made sense and it fit well for the size of the cabinet. For older arcade and console games i use 16x9 bezels in mame and retroarch with a non stretched game. The bezels are nice for displaying game info and artwork. If you dont want bezels or have no plans to play modern arcade or windows games then a 4x3 monitor might be better suited for you.
  7. i figured it out in case someone is interested. this assumes you already have the nesica games running in typextra and just need to get the controls mapped to an ipac. for each game i copied jconfig.exe along with idmacdrv32.dll to the main game folder of each nesica game. then in typextra set the controls setup file to jconfig.exe. once this is done hit the set controls icon in typextra and assign keys in jconfig. leave Dinput as joystick type and uncheck delay, createthread for joysticks, pov sends axisxy, and individual left analog. now this is the part that is strange and may be confusing a lot of people. if someone knows how to correct this please let me know. the button identification in jconfig is not labeled correctly. for instance p1 service is actually p1 up in game. i have attached screen shots of my jconfig to make it easier.
  8. I just recently got the typextra emulator working with nessica games but i am looking for a little guidance on how to setup my controls for each game. In my case i am using an ipac that emulates keys so i am not sure what is the best way or how to setup my controls for each nessica game. I can change the keys to emulate an xbox controller but i would prefer not to go this route if there is something else i can do. Anybody have any experience with setting controls for nessica games using typextra?
  9. So i guess there is no way to force 90 fps, by any chance can this get added at some point?
  10. i did the setup and it indeed needed a script to keep the arcade control lights on. Copy the script into the same folder as the game exe. Manually edit the game in launchbox to execute the attached script instead of the game exe. make sure you change your file paths in the script to match where your game exe is located. This should launch the game and automatically close the script after you exit the game. Killer_Instinct.ahk
  11. First thing you need to do is download and install the latest autohotkey along with notepad ++(notepad ++ is not required but way better than notepad). I am actually setting up killer instinct myself on my arcade cabinet so give me a day and i should have the script you need to launch it. Do you have the steam version of the game?
  12. Sometimes windows games have launchers that only stay running during startup and then the main application kicks in. This usually causes ledblinky to quicky flash the lights during startup but then almost immediately shut off. You may need to launch the game using a ahk script that stays running while the game runs.
  13. So i went and tried all the different settings and the problem still persists. I did try 60 fps and set my monitor to 60 hertz just to test and i found all the videos and animations are now smooth but the scrolling text is still a stuttering mess. Any ideas on why the scrolling text of all things would still be a problem if everything else is running smoothly? My guess is it must be something with the freesync monitor and big box but not really sure at this point. I will just disable scrolling text for now. Is there anyway to add 90 fps or change a config file to force it in bigbox?
  14. I am running a freesync monitor that is set to run at 90 Hertz default. I am noticing that videos and scrolling text are running choppy due to big box running at 60 fps. I found an old forum post indicating that a feature would be added to allow changing the FPS that Big Box runs. Has this feature ever been implemented and if so how do i change it to 90 fps to match the monitor frequency?
  15. Let me first off by saying, awesome job on the theme. The built in dynamic marquee is a great addon. I have a few questions concerning the theme. 1. Can i somehow disable the scrolling text in both the platform/playlist view and games list view? The text is just not scrolling smoothly. Dont know if this has to do with the freesync monitor i am running. 2. Lastly i was wondering if there are any theme matching platform/playlist marquee banners available?
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