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  1. I tried loading a 202 mame rom in bigbox right after booting and i did run into a few minor issues. The first time the loading screen opened it timed out and dropped back to bigbox, then a few seconds later the game started. This maybe added a few seconds but not minutes. The second time i loaded a rom right after startup ledblinky did not light the controls. Ledblinky threw an error "timeout waiting for primary instance handle". In both cases the roms opened with a little added delay and closed fine when exiting. The subsequent rom i opened had no problems and ledblinky worked fine. Keep in mind these same issues do happen with earlier versions of mame. Sounds like you may have some kind of major startup delay causing your issue. Have you checked the windows event viewer for any application or system errors that happen anytime between windows startup to just after force closing mame? Which version of launchbox are you running? 9.7 is what i tested with and i am also on windows 10.
  2. Ok, i added mame 202 and so far i didnt run into any issues. I added mame 202 and 202 roms that were new since the 185 set. I had no lockup issues opening and closing mame 202 games in bigbox. Ledblinky is also working fine. How often would the lockup happen to you and any particular games that would cause it?
  3. Hmmmm, i didnt know you were still having issues with bigbox opening five instances. I had assumed you got that sorted. Yeah i agree that ledblinky is not the problem in this case. If i get time this weekend i will add a new version of mame (version 203 or greater)to launchbox and a couple roms to see if i get the same issue. I have been debating updating my mame set and this will be a good test.
  4. Does it work properly if you alt-tab to the game after starting from bigbox/ launchbox? You might be able to bring the game to the forefront using an ahk script to launch the game. The game is on my list to pickup but waiting on the next steam sale.
  5. No, There is a mame.xml that is generated using the -listxml command from mame. I would suggest regenerating this file since you did upgrade your mame version. I don't remember the full command but if you check the mame documentation it should tell you how to generate the file. I believe for the mame.ini file the only setting you need to be concerned with is making sure the "OSD output setting" is set to "windows". Did you regenerate the mame.ini file when you upgraded mame or did you just copy your old mame.ini? This could cause problems if config options have changed between versions of mame. Now go into LED blinky config and make sure the mame tab has all the paths setup correctly. If you installed the new version of mame in a new folder then your paths may be wrong. Here is a screenshot of what mine looks like If you still having trouble i would suggest checking out this video on youtube which takes you step by step integrating LEDblinky to mame using a launchbox frontend. My thought is when you upgraded mame something in the ledblinky config may have gotten broken.
  6. Did you try regenerating the mame.xml file using the 203 version and ensure ledblinky is pointing to the new file?
  7. I also have a cabinet setup with mame version 185, ledblinky and bigbox 9.7. Everything on my end works including startup screens, lights, and speech. I have witnessed some minor issues with ledblinky getting confused on which rom it lights buttons for but nothing like your experiencing. Is your ledblinky version up to date?
  8. I had a similar problem when i imported naomi and atomiswave games. I had to dowload the videos manually from the emumovies ftp site.
  9. Display fusion is also a good 3rd party software option if needed. I use it on my multi monitor arcade cabinet. It has a pretty good command line option so you can control it by running batch files both pre and post game launch.
  10. Can you run the games directly from demul? Make sure your path to the roms is setup correctly and you have all the bios files. Just so you know version 111117 is not the latest version of demul. The latest version is 180428 that is located in the demul russian forums. Reason i bring this up is the latest version did help with certain dreamcast games not running for me.
  11. I am using dual monitors on my cabinet setup. One thing i can suggest is make sure your primary monitor is setup in windows as the right monitor and the secondary monitor is on the left. This simple changed fixed a lot of problems with my dual monitor setup.
  12. I might be able to help but i will need a bit more info on your setup. What version of mame, ledblinky, and launchbox are you running? Are you using a keyboard or joystick encoder(ipac). Include some screen shots of your ledblinky configuration page for the mame config and front end config. Do u have ledblinky working with other emulators in launchbox?
  13. I dont have the same setup that you have with multiple monitors but i can say i do use the most recent version of displayfusion to shut off my marquee monitor during certain games then reenable and restore the launchbox marquee window on game close. Take a look at the recent version of displayfusion and its command line options that can be executed via batch files. you may be able to do what want.
  14. I am using UCR for some games and I use the additional apps feature to launch it. see below Don't forget to create a batch file to close UCR after you exit the game or your keyboard controls will still emulate an xbox controller.
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