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  1. When I setup the m2 emulator I disabled my second monitor before starting the game for the first time and then did the in game gun calibration. After you finish the in game gun calibration save it and exit out of the game. Then you can reenable the second monitor and try running it from launchbox/bigbox. You also need to make sure you are not running in windowed mode for the model 2 emulator. **make sure the video aspect ratio is the same across all your emulators or you will need to recalibrate the aimtrak each time you switch between aspect ratios. This is what my model 2 setti
  2. For disabling the marquee monitor using display fusion you will need create two batch files and add them to additional apps for each game that applies First thing you need to do is open display fusion monitor configuration and create two new profiles. On the first profile with everything at defaults and both monitors enabled save the profile name as "monitors enabled", then disable your marquee monitor using display fusion and create a second profile named "monitors disabled" for the first batch file add the following: DisplayFusionCommand.exe -windowpositionprofilesave "gungam
  3. Look for an exe on the rocketlauncher forums called HotD_3_Autostart.zip. This will automatically click ok on the splashscreen during startup and get you right into the game. I used this and it works great.
  4. Just wondering if you have found any games that do not work using Keyboard2Xinput? I have been using UCR for a couple years but i have found it to not work sometimes, or some games will work at launch but then have issues during gameplay! This program looks like a much better solution then UCR and Vjoy Anyways this is the list of PC games i have on my arcade cabinet minus the ones you already listed above using either keyboard mapping in game, UCR, or X360ce. Bionic command Rearmed (keyboard mapping 1 player) BluzBlue Centralfiction (UCR 2 player) Castle Cra
  5. I am upgrading my launchbox windows PC to a new build and wanted to know the best way to move launchbox 11.2 onto a new PC? I was thinking I would install the same version of launchbox on the target PC and just copy the entire launchbox folder over to the new PC. All my emulators, games, and roms (not in the launchbox folder) were copied exactly the same onto the new computer maintaining the same file paths. Does anybody with experience see any issues with this? I want to make sure all my custom themes, settings, images, etc are maintained exactly the way i have it setup on the old PC.
  6. I had to use the TypeXtra emulator for getting Arcana Heart 3 love Max!! working. This will give you the settings i used to get keyboard controls working for that game. hopefully this helps
  7. I think pinball is probably left to a virtual pinball cab so I've skipped those for now. I hear you on this and a virtual pin cab would be a much better experience but i have found we still go back to playing Pinball a lot on my Arcade cabinet. If you have the flipper buttons and nudge buttons drilled into the sides of the cabinet it works pretty well. I rigged up and old car alarm shock sensor for center nudge as an input on my ipac! instead of having the tables oriented in portrait mode i have them in desktop mode with the backglass displaying on the 2nd marquee screen (static image).
  8. Hi ASq I would be willing to help but i am nowhere near you. Just out of curiosity how much is left to do? If the hardware is all wired up to the IPAC and connected to the computer, maybe someone can to do the work for you remotely to get it up and running.
  9. I see a couple Platforms you could add. 1. American Laser Games (singe) 2. Daphne 3. Openbor and M.U.G.E.N 4. If your into pinball, Visual Pinball, Pinball FX2/FX3, Pinball Arcade, and Future Pinball 5. Sega Model 2 and Sega Model 3.
  10. This worked great. Thanks
  11. If you have the CRT and it still is working for you then keep it. When i built my cabinet two years ago now i went with a 27" 1440p freesync monitor and have been very happy with the results since i did want to play modern widescreen games along with the classics. Using shaders and bezels in mame really is a must but the freesync and low input lag do make a difference. I would stick to the crt especially if your using lightguns. I did get lightguns working with my monitor but you need to stand in the same spot every time to keep good accuracy.
  12. I have about a 100 pinball arcade tables that i need to add four "additional apps" for each table. Is there any easier way to do this than to manually go and edit each table to add the additional apps? It would be so much easier if there was a way to add all four of the same "additional apps" in bulk to all the roms i selected or if there was a way to have additional app favorites. Anybody have any tips or shortcuts i can use?
  13. I just recently updated my graphics driver for my amd RX 570 from 18.4.1 to the most recent recommended driver from amd 20.2.2 and now performance for the sega model 2 emulator is terrible and glitchy. Anybody here using an amd video card and have a recommendation for a good driver version that performs well with sega model 2 emulator 1.1a (multicpu exe)?
    great collection of marquees for new arcade systems.
  14. yeah, if your having a problem with a single monitor and cannot get it calibrated properly then you need to get that sorted first. I did have a problem with one of the camera's in my gun at one point and andy sent me a replacement. I would contact andy from ultimarc and see if he can help you on calibration for a single monitor in windows 10. A single monitor in windows 10 shouldn't be problematic. I will say that where you place the sensor bar does make a difference and you must stand at the same distance from the screen for it to stay calibrated.
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