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  1. Hi! To be honest, I just disable one setting, I'm not really sure if it was the correct one, but it fixed the loading issue. I can still see the loading screen and when it loads, now I can see the game and the bezel Please check the image with the setting I uncheck. Thanks!
  2. @neil9000 and @Retro808 I think that disabling the startup theme worked! A huge thanks for your fast support. Thank you so much! Best Regards,
  3. Hello All, I've been having a lot of issues with Big Box. Sometimes it looks thats working, but most of the times it doesn't work. I don't have any issues with LaunchBox, so far I could load all games. With BigBox I can't load the games. Even the games that works on LaunchBox don't work with BigBox. I'm using the 9.9 version. I've attateched some pictures to support you. AsterixLB_1 - Asterix Game on LaunchBox menu AsterixLB_2 - Asterix Game working on LaunchBox AsterixBB_1 - Asterix Game on BigBox menu AsterixBB_2 - Game not working Thanks for any support you may give me
  4. Did it! Thanks for the tip! Best Regards,
  5. Hello again! I restart the bigbox several times, and I think it was a mix of full screen mode and startup theme. Thanks for your support. So far look great! Thanks,
  6. Retroarch if in fullscreen. (I think) how can I confirm it? Also, uptade: Is I disable "enable startup team", I can now play SNES games. But I still can't play MAME (didn't test other emulators).
  7. Hello! Any support please? Thanks
  8. hum... any tip how I can change it? In fact, I have an old backup of the system with v8.x and everything works fine. When I update to version 9.x this issue happens. thanks.
  9. Hello! I'm having a similiar issue, but In my case, the whole window is out of focus and behind the big box window. I can only see a black window. Thanks for any help
  10. Hello all, I was making some more experiences and I noticed that the emulator is loaded but its out of focus. The launchbox window is in front of the emulator, that why I only see a black screen. PLease check the following picture: As you can see on the picture, everything is loaded. But I can only see the black window. Any advice? Thanks.
  11. Hello! I did that, but its the same. I think it can an emulator issue, but I don't know how to get more details about it. The loading screen looks working fine. After loading screen the game should start but the screens gets all black until I press ESC key. When I press ESC I can see the game over screen and it returns to bigbox. Thanks.
  12. Hello All, I can launch the games with Launchbox, but with bigbox they are not loading. E.g. I launch launchbox and double click on a SNES games, it opens normally and load the bezzel. I can play without issues. If I change to bigbox and open the samegame, I can see the "loading" animation, but the display is all black. When I press escape, I can see the "game over" image and the game closes. I'm new to this and I might be missing something, please let me know if you need more details. Thanks for your support.
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