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  1. Agreed - with the speed of the updates and so on I would be happy to donate.
  2. Yeah, I get this with the Neogeo Emu and PPSSPP Gold. Works ok if you pre-load the EMU and THEN launch the game from Launchbox though.
  3. Hi Folks, a few observations : 1. Mame. I exported the games from my PC Launchbox to my GPD XD and then overwrote the .zip files with 0.375b ones from an existing MAME installation. These ROMS run fine in Retroarch under the 2003 core however I still get the black screen if I try to run them from launchbox (with the correct core selected). 2. SNES works fine under RetroArch and Launchbox 3. Atari 2600 works fine under Retroarch and Launchbox 4. PPSSPP works fine stand alone - however, Launchbox loads up the application but not the ROM 5. NeoGeo (Using the recommended NEO.EMU from the play store) loads up the application but not the ROM, same as PPSSPP Cheers
  4. Sorry to be a pest - one observation from last night I had we with respect to MAME. On my launchbox I use MAME 2.01 and the consequence of that is that the export to Android dumps a bunch of ROMS which are not going to work with android Retroarch - at least thats my experience so far. So to use the export you probably need to ensure you are using an older version of MAME that has compatible cores in Retroarch. Does that make sense? This is all speculation as I havent gotten Arcade stuff working yet.
  5. Ill Check - I think it MVS NeoGeo. I tend to use the FBA Core for those.
  6. Can I change the default? I cant seem to change the option despite having all the correct retroarch cores?
  7. Has anyone tried NeoGeo? I noticed, despite having Retroarch, that Launchbox recommended an alternate emulator from the Play Store - is that normal?
  8. Ok - found it. It was the Startup Theme - turned those off and now it works fine. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Hi, This issue isnt a problem with Lanuchbox, only Bigbox. When I launch a MAME game (I use Arcade64 NoNag 195) I need to click with the mouse on the mame window to get focus to use my keyboard controls. Only an issue with BigBox. Has anyone seen this problem before? No issues with Retroarch based games - they all focus without any issues. Cheers Mark
  10. Hi Folks, I want to navigate and launch titles from Launchbox using my keyboard controller in my Arcade. I know I can setup keyboard mappings in BigBox but I cant see how to do the same in Launchbox - it all seems to hinge around the mouse or gamepad - anyone know what to do?
  11. Can we get custom views for general Arcade, Sammy Atomiswave, Sega Naomi and so on?
  12. So - I thought servo stick users might be interested in my solution to using servo sticks with launchbox. I tried using the native servo stick app, and LED Blinky. Both can be unwieldy and complicated. In the end I just reverted back to Rocketlauncher and it’s native support instead - just for MAME in my case. So - I switched off support in LEDBlinky and removed the Ultimarc app from startup. Native support in Launchbox would be great.
  13. I have moved Atomiswave entirely into Retroarch. Im working through Naomi titles but some seem to work only In Demul. AFAIK Demul hasnt been updated in years but if updates are available a headsup would be appreciated!
  14. Got this figured out - after a crash course in learning which aspects of the Retroarch configs can be saved by game, core and for the whole application. It transpired the mouse WAS working - just that the Coin and Start buttons needed to be mapped into GUN START and GUN COIN too. Obviously. lol.
  15. Hi Folks, as many of the Naomi games are gun games I would like to get the controls sorted for the mouse. Im struggling - has anyone been successful using the Retroarch core for Naomi and the mouse/lightgun?
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