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  1. Mother effer that was it. Sorry to have wasted your time man, I could have sworn I checked that. At least I didn't disassemble my entire cabinet to rewire the joystics hahahaah (looks around nervously as he grabs a screwdriver)
  2. Hmmm I thought I turned it off in options, but boy would I feel stupid if I didn't. Sheesh. Is it normally lightning fast?
  3. Hey all - I'm 99.99% set up with Big Box and I love it! However, I'm having an issue when the system is idle (in this case on my default playlist, in the list of games). Without fail, after sitting idle for a minute or two, the system will start scrolling rapidly through the list of games as if the joystick were held down. I thought it might be a bad joystick, so I disconnected them, and it still happened. I then thought maybe a keyboard key was stuck, so I disconnected it and the mouse. The scrolling is still happening. Any ideas?
  4. Awesome I'll giver her a shot. Thanks!
  5. Does that work for holding a button? I'm using custom sticks with a zero delay encoder which windows recognizes natively but of course is a nightmare to get to work with Steam and things.
  6. Hey all - I appreciate all the help you guys have given me. I have my cabinet put together and Launchbox is working 99% (still issues with controllers in Steam games but I know what to do there, just need to spend some time on it). I have a Windows machine set up with Launchbox and am having trouble figuring out a good way to exit Demul/Naomi without using the keyboard. I have two six button joysticks with a Start button for both P1 and P2 as well as coin buttons for both P1 and P2 added. I was thinking it would be nice to have a script like "If P1 and P2 start are held for 10 seconds, it exits the emulator" but am scratching my head on the best way to make that script. Any advice? Alternatives to AHK are welcome.
  7. Gonna bug you again because damn you've been helpful. I reimported everything as expected here, is there a way to set which version is the "default" when launched? So people can just click "TMNT" and get the 2 player version? Edit - Answered my own question looking at your screenshot. Me dumb.
  8. Perfection, this worked. V wasn't mapped initially but I changed it and now it does exactly what I want. Again, thanks a ton.
  9. Yep, that was how it was set up before I figured out how to add the theme. Decisions, decisions. I love this program.
  10. Hey I figured I'd ask you since you were so helpful rather than open a new thread. I figured out my playlist woes (I assumed applying a theme to main theme would do everything, but it was just the main screen DOH). Now I'm wondering if there's a way to turn off "infinite scroll" on my playlists. As you can see in the screenshot I only have two playlists so it looks kind of stupid having them all over the screen.
  11. Another n00b question as I set up my cabinet. I imported my MAME collection over the weekend, and opted to skip clones. As I'm testing games out, I found that for games like TMNT and X-Men, the 4 player version seems to be the default - which means you can't select your character, it's dependent on which joystick you use. Historically this hasn't been an issue as from the MAME interface I could just select the 2 player version and select who I wanted. I thought perhaps not seeing the 2 player version is because I skipped clones - do I need to reimport and add clones as additional applications to get what I need? Sorry if this has been answered a million times, I did a search but couldn't find conclusive answers. You guys rock.
  12. Bummer, but oh well, still a nearly perfect front end. Thanks for the help.
  13. That's at least what I thought I had it set now, and it defaults to the list of playlists, but I don't see a way to have it start on a *specific* playlist. I may be overlooking something easy, my brain was burned out working on this at 2am.
  14. Thanks, I'll give it a shot - I guess tangent, do you know if there's a way to just boot directly to a playlist?
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