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  1. Yes it looks exactly like that. Any way to get the video to play behind that as well?
  2. The video shows, box art, all the info and that good stuff but no background image no matter what I try to change to get it going. Just a black screen. I am using the city hunter set and the video plays in the background great for the System selection and the game selection screen. Next screen background is just black.
  3. I wish i would have gotten more into scripting and coding when I as younger. I have such an urge to do game translations and understand this stuff more, but with a 60 hour work week that leaves little time 😕. Thank you guys again for being there!
  4. God I love you guys!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  5. Going to apologize here. Where would I put this at? I wouldn't call myself a newbie at this point but I have not messed with this much.
  6. So I see the problem now. You can only make full screen a game is loaded, not before because I just tried it the way you did and it worked fine. So how would I write that into launchbox? I think right now its trying to make fullscreen before the game is loaded in launchbox and thats why it is crashing. Is there a way to make this happen? Also thank you you beautiful genius you! At least I am half way there now.
  7. Hmmm and your fullscreen isn't windowed is it? I can make the window big but I can't necessarily make it full screen.
  8. Hmm maybe different os or version?
  9. As stated I did try this. No luck. About broke my keyboard trying it.
  10. Any way around having to use retroarch? It's not as friendly to me as the stand alone version. Call it stubbornness, call it stupid, call it what ever but retroarc is not my thing. There has to be a way to make it work.
  11. So it is like hell to get this game deal set up with the available emulators to my specifications. I'll start by what I am looking for in that: - No super gameboy boarders for games that are super gameboy enhanced - Full screen is a must - Run all games as if you were playing them through gameboy color so even if its foe colored its colored. - No glitches - Need to be able to exit the thing with my controller So here is the rundown. I am most happy with SameBoy so far. It is doing an amazing job at everything EXCEPT full screen. It says it has a full screen option but Control+F is not working on my Windows 10 (Most current version of the emulator I think 12.2 ). I tried to use the -fullscreen command with LaunchBox and it just fails to load. The retroarch core seems to work fine here but that interface infuriates me to no end. Next we have Visual boy and man what a nightmare there to try and set up to exit along with it always choosing the wrong GameBoy type. This one to quit is control+q. I have found a way to switch that but this fails to work once a rom is started. Then we have MGBA which if it is a super GameBoy game and I do not want the boarders..... Well boy howdy to we come across all kinds of graphical issues (specifically tried this with pokemon red and blue) where half of sprites start looking like MissingNo. Specifically when we are changing which GameBoy we are using. I am not a fan of Retroarch. I've tried a million times to go back to it and I just feel its way way way to busy for me. Anyone have any suggestions or idea on this matter. If I could get that full screen to work on sameboy I would be all set but man there is just no information on google about that .Thanks in advance guys. Appreciate all your help.
  12. No worries appreciate the response.
  13. Like these little guys
  14. Can't seem to find them anywhere without Google searching each one and coming up short on some. Does anyone know where to find these as a bundle? Kinda the frosting on the cake for my big box build.
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