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  1. G'day guys, I'm currently trying to import my steam library and am using the wizard but when trying to connect launchbox to Steam I keep getting the "Your account could not be accessed". I have set everything to "public", input my custom url both with and without the forward slash on the end and entered my api key but nothing works. Is this feature just not working at the moment or am I missing something?
  2. Gday, Extreme noob here. When it comes to roms and romsets, do i need to use a certain type of ROM? Do they have to be in sets or can I piece a console together using different roms? I was told that No Intro are the best ones to use but I cant find certain no intro roms for certain consoles like MAME for instance. There are so many different types of the same games I don't know which ones i need. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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