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  1. Thanks to an Nvidia forum post I have found the answer to this: It is a fault with some Nvidia graphics cards (and possibly others). Note to people offering advice: The problem isn't stuttering. Stuttering is normal in some games which use fixed-point arithmetic scrolling, such as Super Mario World, which is at the centre of the problem. The problem is tearing, this isn't normal for the SNES, not even for Super Mario World. On the SNES SMW stutters, on a faulty Nvidia card, it actually tears so you can see the screen refresh. The solution to it I have found is to right-click on the RetroArch icon, and choose "Integrated graphics" from "Run with graphics processor". Also, in the Nvidia control panel, which you should find under the "hidden icons" arrow on the right, choose "Manage 3D settings", in there choose "program settings". Choose "RetroArch", and in "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program", choose "Integrated graphics". I hope that works for you, because it's what worked for me!
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