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  1. @Jason Carr well I think I jinxed it... BigBox finally crashed to the desktop after about 23 hours of running in attract mode. ☹️
  2. I just installed and fired up the 10.11-beta-2 last night and so far about 12 hours and counting and no crashes... looking pretty solid but I don’t wanna jinx it lol. Good work! what did you change?!
  3. @Jason Carr this is all thats in the error log when bigbox crashes...
  4. that is interesting... I did some more testing and I think it might be related to controllers for me as well... One of the scripts I launch along with bigbox on startup is an autohotkey script that polls for xbox 360 controller connects/disconnects. I use bigbox on my bartop arcade and it has built-in xinmo 2 arcade sticks/buttons. the autohotkey script disables the xinmo usb device via devcon.exe when it detects an xbox 360 controller is connected. this is done so the 360 controller is player 1 instead of player 3, since controllers get assigned priority based on when they are connected/plugged in. since the xinmo is always hardwired into the bartop, the only option is to programmatically disable it so the xbox controller can be player 1 and reenable it when xbox controller disconnects so xinmo is player 1 and 2. my guess is the autohotkey code that loops and polls for 360 controller connects/disconnects is maybe conflicting with bigbox's controller polling? also if someone has a better idea to handle always connected arcade sticks and connecting/disconnecting wireless 360 controllers I'm all ears and would love suggestions. the only other idea i had was to do a physical hardware switch that somehow "unplugs" the xinmo usb wire from the computer.
  5. @Jason Carr I think I narrowed down the instability to using autohotkey script to launch bigbox. I use an autohotkey script at Windows logon using task scheduler (regular user non-elevated) to launch bigbox and that seems to be causing the crashes after 2-4 hours... any suggestions? a nice feature suggestion for LaunchBox/bigbox would the ability to set external scripts/exe’s to launch along with and close when LaunchBox/bigbox is closed.
  6. Yea. I haven’t had a chance to tweak that yet. I’ve been too stuck on getting my setup to transition from game to bigbox and back to game with proper controller mappings etc while not losing focus and control so user needs to grab a keyboard or mouse. It’s been a challenge to say the least. I finally caved and set a hot key for alt+tab using xpadder as a fallback in case focus from bigbox gets lost.
  7. Ah indeed. Definitely a task keeping things simple for the guests. I haven’t messed with it yet but I think LaunchBox supports the Xbox guide button now for single press pause menu invocation no?
  8. This is very similar to the behavior I experience with retroarch and bigbox. And ya it is a bummer cause I’d like to use the LB pause screen but I may have to disable and use retroarch hotkeys. im using a Intel NUC NUC6i7KYK. 8Gb ram and 120GB ssd. Running LaunchBox on external 2tb mechanical hard drive. what rig are you running on?
  9. i have this focus issue with RetroArch. Alt+tab won't bring the pause screen to the foreground though. The pause screen shows on top in focus the first time its triggered but then after that, it shows up in the background and can't be pulled into focus. but its still able to be interacted with. This only occurs with BigBox... LaunchBox doesn't seem to have the issue and the pause screen always shows on top in focus. RetroArch is the only emulator that seems to have this issue as well. Is there a solution to this? @Jason Carr I really don't want to have to disable pause screens for retroarch as thats the emulator i use for the majority of my platforms and i really like the save/load state and pause functionality when it works... Mame handles it like a dream and its awesome to pause arcade games that can't normally be paused, save state and load back up again later.
  10. I tried switching to Unified Redux, but still crashes after some hours of running attract mode. @Jason Carr when you ran your 48 hour tests were your running attract mode with videos for 13000+ games? me thinks there’s a memory leak after it plays so many video files... all my games have video snaps... 13,000+ of em
  11. Well scratch autohotkey and xpadder off the list of causes... I let BigBox.exe run solo in attract mode for a bit longer than 6 hours and eventually it crashes with the error from my original post. But I’ve tested a couple more times and it’s crashed in 2-4 hours also. So the time it takes seems to be random
  12. well i've been running BigBox now for about 4+ hours and no crashes yet. Usually it would have crashed multiple times (after restarts) by now. The change? I had some autohotkey scripts and xpadder.exe running in the background on boot... i disabled those and just ran BigBox.exe only. one of the autohotkey scripts is used to launch xpadder and bigbox at boot... the other is for some custom controller monitoring to be able to use either the wireless xbox controller or the built-in bartop joystick controls as the first player (toggles the bartop xinmo joysticks enabled/disabled using devcon.exe). i'm not sure which autohotkey script is the issue, or if bigbox doesn't like xpadder running in background? what are you guys using to launch bigbox and other exe's at computer bootup in a silent, clean, hidden manner?
  13. thanks, I'll try sleuthing this week and post back...
  14. I got latest windows updates and it even had an intel graphics driver update And did that too but it’s still crashing the same way.
  15. haven't tried other themes. i've been using this viking colorful theme for a while now (and letting it sit idle on attract mode for many hours) and its worked great up until LaunchBox 10.7 ... now crashes after extended periods of idle.
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