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  1. Ninjaman


    Not yet It it dont start
  2. Ninjaman


    I found this on github Mabe this can work retroarch -L libretro_lutro.so path/to/gamedir retroarch -L libretro_lutro.so game.lutro
  3. Ninjaman


    Ok hmm strange
  4. Ninjaman


    if i open retroarch the games work well but if i add them in launchbox retroarch run 1 sec and then it shut down hmm strange
  5. Ninjaman


    Hi i add some lutro games and i run it with retroarch but it dont work for me retroarch just start and shut down why i dont know anyone can help me with that thanks
  6. Ninjaman

    My Setup

    hi how do you get DOOM (Custom/Engine: RetroArch prboom) to run well ?
  7. Ninjaman

    64DD problems

    i try one game and i rename it from 64dd to n64 and it run but after 5 secends it shut down and retroarch do it to
  8. this is the coolest retro theme i know i use it to my launchbox i hope you can make more cool art for more systems thats wold be nice
  9. Ninjaman

    sufami turbo

    btw what emulator will you run?
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