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  1. Ninjaman

    My Setup

    hi how do you get DOOM (Custom/Engine: RetroArch prboom) to run well ?
  2. Ninjaman

    64DD problems

    i try one game and i rename it from 64dd to n64 and it run but after 5 secends it shut down and retroarch do it to
  3. this is the coolest retro theme i know i use it to my launchbox i hope you can make more cool art for more systems thats wold be nice
  4. Ninjaman

    sufami turbo

    btw what emulator will you run?
  5. Ninjaman

    sufami turbo

    and you can do this and then you chose a emulator
  6. Ninjaman

    sufami turbo

    like this i have a sufami turbo map. amd my games are in that map
  7. Ninjaman

    sufami turbo

    hi First go in to your game/rom map make a sufami turbo map then drag all your sufami turbo games in there then open launchbox and add the sufami turbo games if you dont find sufami turbo in the list just type in sufami turbo and the games are there the emulator well i use retroarch and it run well
  8. i made this video you can watch here on youtube
  9. i use snes9x lastest build and i change the sound settings from xaudio2 to Waveout and then it work well for me and i have the game running well
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