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  1. SaberWall Dynamic Background Retroarch View File Hello i made a theme/Dynamic Background for Retroarch. i hope you like it download it here https://mega.nz/file/nUg1XQ7I#HJNjkEpRDskjQWKspIR6k3uYPF0ZlarZorO8q_KxHjI Submitter Ninjaman Submitted 09/12/2021 Category Platform Backgrounds  
  2. i post the video from youtube and also few photos
  3. thanks for moving the theme to regular selection
  4. Retrorama theme 2021 View File This is a update version of Retrorama 2021 Submitter Ninjaman Submitted 02/21/2021 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
  5. 430 downloads

    This is a update version of Retrorama 2021
  6. Ninjaman


    Not yet It it dont start
  7. Ninjaman


    I found this on github Mabe this can work retroarch -L libretro_lutro.so path/to/gamedir retroarch -L libretro_lutro.so game.lutro
  8. Ninjaman


    Ok hmm strange
  9. Ninjaman


    if i open retroarch the games work well but if i add them in launchbox retroarch run 1 sec and then it shut down hmm strange
  10. Ninjaman


    Hi i add some lutro games and i run it with retroarch but it dont work for me retroarch just start and shut down why i dont know anyone can help me with that thanks
  11. Ninjaman

    My Setup

    hi how do you get DOOM (Custom/Engine: RetroArch prboom) to run well ?
  12. i try one game and i rename it from 64dd to n64 and it run but after 5 secends it shut down and retroarch do it to
  13. this is the coolest retro theme i know i use it to my launchbox i hope you can make more cool art for more systems thats wold be nice
  14. btw what emulator will you run?
  15. and you can do this and then you chose a emulator
  16. like this i have a sufami turbo map. amd my games are in that map
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