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  1. That explains it. Thanks very much!
  2. I'm trying this with the default BigBox theme and it seems to ignore the option. The theme still takes up the entire ultrawide screen. And when I reopen the xml file after testing, the option has switched back to false. Am I missing something? edit: Looks like the default theme ignores it but it works with CriticalZoneV2. Guess I'll look for some more themes and hope it works!
  3. My view settings were set back to defaults, of course, and changes made to Image View were still saved, but the program simply didn't remember that I was last in List View. Tried rebooting, just in case. So I completely uninstalled LaunchBox, deleted *everything* in the LaunchBox folder, rebooted, and reinstalled with all of the default settings and directories. Even before importing any games, I tried switching to List View, closed and reopened LaunchBox. It was back to Image View. Nothing changed once I imported some games. Is it possible that defaulting to List View is something that's only available in the paid version?
  4. I'm using the free version of LaunchBox v 9.9. Default theme. Maybe I need to reinstall or recreate some config files. I can see that ListView is properly set to true in Settings.xml but it goes back to false when I relaunch the program.
  5. Hm... Something is overwriting the setting then. I'm new to LaunchBox so I'm not sure how to correct an issue like this.
  6. Is it possible to start LaunchBox in List View? No matter what I try, LaunchBox always opens in Images View. I can switch to List View once the program opens but I'd like LaunchBox to remember what I was using when I close it. I've tried editing Settings.xml manually but the <ListView>true</ListView> line always reverts to <ListView>false</ListView> when I reopen LaunchBox. If I try to set Settings.xml to Read-Only, LaunchBox won't open at all. Aside from this one thing, all other changes I've been making to LaunchBox persist when it's reopened.
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