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  1. so after struggling since the release to get LBA running on Nvidia shield with no luck, I figured out what my issue was and hope it will help others. What was happening was I would have my imported folder on my external drive as well and the LBA install and everytime I went to launch a game using LBA Retroarch would just come up with a blank black screen and not launch. So I tried the same step method with Arc Browser on my shield and yielded the same results. Seems something with Retroarch not wanting to play nicely. Fix = move retroarch onto your internal drive as soon as I did that both LBA and Arc Browser pulled the game up without a hitch 😃
  2. the actual app PPSSPP gold within android playstore as I cannot get anything to play from within retroarch, just a black screen even after uninstall and reinstall......
  3. yeah I did an uninstall and reinstall of retroarch as well as LBA and still no luck =( , gonna have to do some digging i suppose
  4. I'm unable to get any emulator to play on Nvidia Shield. I have all the cores in retroarch, I go to launch through launchbox it will open retroarch but then it just hangs there on a black screen. No matter the platform, I get this error (I'm sure it's something on Retroarch's end, not positive) I have also scanned these games into retroarch from the same folder location that LBA uses and they launch from within Retroarch without a hitch. *scratching my head* I also tried launching PSP through LBA using PPSSPP gold and get "an error occurred while trying to load the game/emulator: Unable to find explicit activity class {org.ppsspp.ppssppgold/org.ppsspp.ppssppgold.ppssppactivity}; have you declared this activity in your AndroidManifest.xml?" error.
  5. woohoo!!! platforms are showing up, no white screen crashes!!!! now to delve into the goodness that is launchbox and see what we can find.....awesome work man!! One thing I've noticed right off on Nvidia Shield, unable to click elipses on top right of screen, on phone or tablet you are able to touch but doesn't give the option to direct your 'cursor' up to select box images using a remote on the shield. But then again my shield is still running the .11 update, for some reason it doesn't like to automagically update and I have to uninstall and reinstall. Must be an easier method. Perhaps a 'check for update' option in about launchbox?
  6. so odd question, I've exported my games from my PC and have put them in their own folder (about 289 GB worth of data). I'm wanting to move that data onto my Nvidia shield's external drive. Is there a specific folder I should be putting these in? Because I have attempted this already and put the folder onto the root of my external drive and Launchbox is not detecting any games or platforms on the system. This may have already been asked I'm sure, my apologies if so. Through reading prior posts, I'm assuming it's this file structure that I'm looking for, please correct me if I'm wrong. /Android/data/com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox/files/LaunchBox/Data/(xml files)
  7. yeah getting same thing, got to the splash screen finally and get that error (Nvidia shield), allows to click the 'hamburger' icon but go to 'about launchbox' and sometimes it will crash sometimes it keeps going. Progress!!! woohoo
  8. yes, I have the exported folder sitting on the root of the external drive and launchbox itself installed on the internal drive.
  9. Still having issues with Nvidia shield and white screen, have deleted the /android/data/com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox folder from the internal storage but still a no go. Uninstalled and reinstalled, S9 is still reading with no issues however.
  10. how to update to the .10 release? its only allowing me to do the .09, not sure if it automagically updates or not but still getting the white zombie screen of death on nvidia shield. I've forced stopped and reopened and same thing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and still getting the .09 release, may not be live on the play store as of this posting not sure. Will check in the morning, great job BTW, big fan of LB and BB for my PC and since I heard it was coming to Android I'm like a little kid and christmas, this time couldn't come soon enough.
  11. so I have successfully launched it from my samsung s9 where i was getting a white screen and crash before, i will retest on nvidia shield in a bit and post results
  12. Not working on either Nvidia shield or other devices. I go to open it, get a white screen and then it just closes. Have done multiple restarts and still same issues. Anyone else experiencing this?
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