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  1. That would be amazing! Arcade Version B with a MAME logo ?. I'm a sucker for that 80's style ending logo. I'll be keeping a lookout for anything you post here
  2. Yeah that's likely more then I'm willing to do ?. Im using your Arcade #2 intro right now and I just swapped out the music. I was gonna try and make something similar with a more agnostic logo at the end. Maybe just "Arcade" or something since my build is strictly MAME and arcade games. Oh well. Great job and all your intro's regardless!
  3. I'm way into getting my own BigBox setup perfected right now. What do you use to make these? All your intro's are great quality wise with the transitions and ending logo's. Want to take a shot at making something myself but not sure what to use. Thanks!
  4. I absolutely love this! I replaced the song with the beginning of Home by Arcade High and it's definitely what I'm using now. Leaving it here in case anyone would like to use it Edit: Not sure if it's showing as a music track because it's still processing? I'm new to the site/launch box. It's still the proper video when downloaded though! Arcade.mp4
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