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  1. I'd like to follow up on this, because I'm having issues with DOSBox launching from LaunchBox as well. For example, launching Space Quest IV using DOSBox. When launched from LB: Game launches with proper MT-32 music Digitized sound is non-existant - no sound effects or speech Running DOSBox manually, then starting SQ4 from inside the DOS environment: Game launches with proper MT-32 music Digitized sound works perfectly fine I feel like the "default" LaunchBox .conf file is messing with something, but I don't know where that file is located.
  2. I dunno, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but I'd been using DOSBox 0.74-3 for a long time, as well as DOSBox ECE that I use specifically for games that I use a modern gamepad with, and I never had any issues. I had been running it on a Windows 10 PC, with a GTX 1070 at 4K resolution, and all my games ran spectacularly. I had custom config files for many games, but I usually just picked from three config files for the most part. Most games I have use Sound Blaster emulation, but I have a Roland MT-32 emulator for games that support that. Everything ran fine from LaunchBox. I recently swapped my 1070 for an RTX 3080, but I hadn't tested my DOS games because I had no reason to think anything would be affected. Today, after four months of using the new 3080, I booted up a DOS game and I found some hinky things. I have some games that I got from the exoDOS pack, and some of those have a sort of "pre-run" selection screen, where you choose what sound emulator or graphics mode to use for the game - this screen shows up garbled, and I cannot read the text. If I guess the correct settings and start the game, SB sound stutters terribly, and MT-32 sound slows down when loading graphics (transitions, animations, etc.). When I exit the game, the command line interface shows just fine. Some further testing showed more irregular sound behavior: Launching Space Quest IV from LaunchBox, then choosing MT-32 music at the "pre-run" screen loads the game and the MT-32 emulation, but then I don't get SFX (Sound Blaster audio). But running DOSBox manually (via command line, not within LaunchBox) with the same .conf file, then starting SQIV via the same batch file and choosing the same audio options runs the game with both proper MT-32 music and SB audio. Both methods still give me stuttering audio. Since I have not changed any settings or made any changes besides the video card, I'm assuming that is the issue, but maybe could be LaunchBox? Does anyone have any ideas for troubleshooting? P.S.: ScummVM games - and all other emulators I use - still run perfectly in every way.
  3. tycho


    On the one hand, I'm in awe of how great this looks. The presentation is *chef's kiss* my aesthetic. On the other hand, I yearn for video snaps to be playing. I'm so used to hearing the gameplay when browsing, I discovered I quite miss it. Regardless, excellent job on this theme.
    Got it working today (don't forget to enable "show input on overlay" in the overlay menu) and I love it. I'm very much looking forward to more platforms and cores in the future from this creator. If there's anything I can do to help with the overlays for other consoles, let me know.
  4. This was the solution - I had to enable the "show inputs on overlay" option, as I had it previously disabled. Thanks!
  5. I tried the overlay, and I got the base image to show up, but the buttons were not responsive. I'm not using the latest version of RetroArch (got my build to a point where everything worked and stopped updating), so that might be it.
  6. Excellent effort - I'm sure this took a lot of trial and error. Quick question: I'm running on a 4K monitor. Would I need to change any values for this to work properly, or can I use as-is?
  7. tycho


    Just tested - can confirm that release date is now visible in list view. Thanks!
  8. tycho


    Thanks for the latest update, keeping it in line with LB 12.10's new features; the new related/similar games node looks great in this theme. As I was playing around, I noticed I didn't see a release date listed for any of my games. I checked the details settings, and un-ticked and re-ticked the "Show Release Date" option, but still no luck. I see all my other selected details, like publisher, genre, rating, play count, etc - just not release date. Should I be looking somewhere else?
  9. tycho


    Quick note: I tried sorting my games by "last played" while in list view, and nothing happened. Point of fact, no sorting option works except for title. I haven't tested other views yet.
  10. tycho


    Can you share your .xaml files for this change? This is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to do, but looking at the code in the .xaml files makes my brain feel smooth. Related: Are there any resources or guides for editing/creating LB themese? I know the Community Editor has a good GUI for designing BigBox themes, but these days I'm more interested in LB themes...
  11. With the 12.7 update, I rather like the new game details configuration in the default theme. Between the scrollable screenshots with the video up first (akin to the presentation on Steam) and the more aesthetically pleasing detail verbiage with the horizontal rules, my ideal would be this new default theme game details view but the rest of the layout using this Lambda theming...
  12. Thanks for catching those! I must have already changed my QfG3 video already, because I have the correct one in my library, but I was completely unaware of the Keen2 video. Here are the two fixed clips: Quest For Glory III_ Wages of War.mp4 Commander Keen 2_ The Earth Explodes.mp4
  13. I suppose you can use the same method outlined above using the ScummVM folder included in Launchbox's Third Party folder; the reason I made a copy in my Emulators folder was for the sake of avoiding any potential issues. A future Launchbox update may or may not change that folder, and then I'd be up a creek. That happened to me with my DOSBOX configurations when Launchbox moved the DOSBOX installation to that third party folder about a year ago. Simply moving the folder screwed up literally all my custom configs I had set up for DOSBOX, and it fixing them all took a lot of my time.
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