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  1. Just interesting that when you use find metadata on launchbox it suggests the wrong name to match with Emumovies. I know large database management Is a difficult and tedious process.
  2. Hi all. I'm so impressed with this project and the project over at Emu movies that I knew I had to become a subscriber to both. I've developed the OCD itch to perfect my libraries to my liking and this issue is really a sore point right now. I'm currently having an issue with 5 Gamecube games. They are all Zelda Titles and I am almost certain Emumovies has content for them. For some reason when I try to download videos for them, I get the message "Game was Not Found at Emu Movies". I'm almost certain they have them given the popularity. I can't tell what is wrong here. The metadata is found in Launch box and pictures are downloaded without issue. Has anyone had this issue before? Edit: I was able to fix this manually with information from another thread. Rename the games to: "Legend of Zelda, The - Twilight Princess" and Emumovies should find it. Kinda annoying. I wonder if other games are having issues related to this and I won't be able to fix it. If there's a better fix that can help identify and correct other games in my library because I'm sure they are hiding please let me know.
  3. I have an issue where the name of the console is too large and covers up menu options on the right side. This is happening on GBA also. My monitor is 2560x1440 if that is what's making the issue?
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