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  1. Thank you! At some point I seem to have mistakenly unselected everything BUT the Steam Poster. I fixed it and now it's showing box art for everything after a quick download. I'm not that smart sometimes.
  2. How to word that better.... When you put in images, you know how you can select if it's a disc image, a back of the box, a whatever? LaunchBox currently won't display covers unless I have the image I want as a cover set as the "Steam Poster", despite "View > Image Group > Boxes" being selected. I've tried Clean Up Media and Refresh/Refresh All Images, and it's still doing it. Help?
  3. Origin Import is still crashing for me.
  4. I've had to reset my computer a few times (it's ten years old at this point, getting it replaced post-pandemic) and it'd be nice when I have to reset again, if I could have the license file and the download file for launchbox sent at the same time, rather than having to wait 10/15 minutes between sending the download and sending the license. If it's easy to implement that is. If not, ten minutes isn't that big a deal.
  5. Like steam games get steam banners, origin games get origin boxes, etc. without going in and making the banner the "cover" image for EVERY game? Right now you can only display one cover art at a time, or it's blank if it's not the right "type" EDIT: I appear to have finally found the correct setting, in "settings>Box Front Properties" however, this isn't working. I select to use GOG Poster, Origin Poster, Steam Banner, etc. and then save, and it's all unchecked as soon as I go back in, nothing is saved.
  6. I'll addon to this, since it's similar enough I don't feel it needs a new thread, my Epic was the first and only games I have right now, and LaunchBox is saying "Displaying 20 of 25 total games" even though I have selected "all" in case some Windows games got through, but I'm guessing it's tied to this bug.
  7. Like the title says, I can't get it to go beyond this all of a sudden. I even re-downloaded launchbox and my license file and tried to reinstall that way and it's still doing it. It stays on Initializing for awhile, and then just closes out completely.
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