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  1. So It looks like I downloaded the source code because I used the github link not the download link in the forum. After downloading the correct files. BOOM we are all good and it works fantastic. Thanks assistance and for the screen shots that lead me to look into the contents further.
  2. This looks great! Unfortunately, I have yet to get it running. I also have the issue that it just does nothing. I added the plugin to the C:\Users\%username%\LaunchBox\Plugins\SteamScraper. When I right click a game, I do not see steam metadata downloader as an option to click. I am running v9.10 on win 10 build 1903. Do I need to add my steam account to lauchbox including an API key prior to this plugin in order for it to work? You mention .dll files to unblock but I don’t see any .dll’s in your plugin. I also searched the entire local drive looking for the .dll you posted, and It came up dry. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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