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  1. Dont had time to check yet, but, I think it's because you are trying to scrape a game that is not released yet
  2. @sagaopcThere's no new release for the Youtube package that I use, might be an actual error on the code, could you please send me the URL that you tried use? ptbr: Estranho, deve ter acontecido algo no código mesmo, manda a URL que você tentou usar, assim que der tempo vou dar uma olhada!
  3. Hi, If you really downloaded the plugin and added to that folder the dll's should be inside there (C:\Users\%username%\LaunchBox\Plugins\SteamScraper), there's no need to add any api key. Did you tried to install other plugin and it worked?
  4. @xevidroid @pmf5389 @Pixel I have updated the plugin, but to be honest I didnt tested, I will assume that youtube screwed us again, sorry for the delay but Im pretty messed up with my irl work
  5. there's no point to download 4K videos for such small resolution window even for bigbox, it's a waste of HDD
  6. Hey @PurpleTentacle could you please download the new version and check? I updated the library but do not have the time until the weekend to test it! Please let me know if there's any problem.
  7. Did a little bit of investigation on this and again it's a problem on Youtube changing stuff on their end, as soon the Framework that I use update it to fix the error I will post a new version. Apart from that there's nothing to do. Source: https://github.com/Tyrrrz/YoutubeExplode/pull/268 - https://github.com/Tyrrrz/YoutubeExplode/issues/267
  8. Yeah I was just explaining to him 😀
  9. The Steam auto-scrapes if the game is directly imported from Launchbox or has the steam://rungameid/<appID> if not you will have to find the URL from steam store and paste to that box
  10. Hey @Rincewind why doesn't work? Could you please let me know the steps to reproduce the error? The plugin isn't tied to any platform must the games must have one platform.
  11. @CriticalCid @neil9000 could you guys please download again and test it? I have no idea what's happening lol
  12. What the hell I'm taking a look, this is odd it was working
  13. Just released the feature, let me know if you have any problems @CriticalCid
  14. They are not yet on the API but I can try check those URLS, that should be easy
  15. Hmm, the first solution is easy, I will add the steamdb first then get the info, if the game is removed it will add steamdb and quit. Now for the second source it's going to require a lot of refactor of the code, unfortunately now I do not have much time to do it, but, I'm already using steamSpy for the tags so I think I can make a "workaround" to get it from another source but it's not going to be pretty. I will add the SteamDB fix like right now and then later, maybe on weekend try to scrap the info from another source.
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