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  1. Hey, I'm glad that someone picked up the project, ive been really busy and couldnt fix the plugins that Ive made, Thanks @maikeru86. Would be good to post the source-code as well if possible.
  2. dnm


    I've Tried your plugin, but it do not download any images or video

  3. Strange, for me it's breaking directly lol. I think it's related to some Launchbox change not sure, I will try to debug asap. Thanks for the test
  4. I'm on beta, but shouldn't make difference, I tried to even download more plugins to see if it was some sort of compatibility issues, but I can use the plugin normally, with or without the plugin dll. Try to copy the /core dll to the plugin folder, not sure what to do anymore
  5. I have no idea what it could be,try to delete the folder and extract it again. I have uploaded a new version without the Plugin dll. Are you with latest launchbox version?
  6. Try to delete the DLL from that folder, it shouldnt be there, it's already at core level of Launchbox.
  7. Try to delete this dll, it should not be there.
  8. @NexusX0 @rocko2001 Guys, I cannot reproduce this problem not sure what I can do to help :( Maybe windows changed the unblock this on the latest update, not sure.
  9. Hey guys, I fixed, I think. @CRZ52 @drodrick @LittleNeoGeo
  10. Hey guys! I tried to fix the plugin, please test it and see if its working.
  11. Hey guys, long time, I'm going to try to fix the issue sorry I'm without free time
  12. Hi, it gets automatically if you are launching the games from the steam directly using their protocol, e.g. steam://rungameid/64646 Otherwise you will need to do it manually, there's no other way.
  13. Yep, this is a bug, I will fix as soon I have some time
  14. Fala @Claudio J! I have upload a new version, please check it out.
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