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  1. @TechTonic guys I tried with 9.7 latest version and had no problem at all, I have no idea how to reproduce the error
  2. @TechTonic what version of launchbox are you guys running? I really busy but I will try to have a look.
  3. The scraper works for batchs as well, but only if you import it from Launchbox and/or use steam to launch game e.g. steam://rungameid/730 , but i really want to see the python code since I really like the language.
  4. Oh boy, Youtube fked us again. I have uploaded a new version with an Alpha fix, it will work for most of the videos, but the creator of the youtube library that I use still trying a proper fix, meanwhile use the new version 0.1.4
  5. I will add an option to choose what to scrape, but not now. I'm leaving to a trip and will be back in 2 months.
  6. Download the updated version and let me know if it's fixed.
  7. That's not how it works, mp4 is a container the file extension doesn't matter on this case. I am able to transcode it using proper software. If what you said its true, that you can edit the file directly from steam, if you just rename the mp4 to webm you should accomplish the same thing with files download with the plugin. My code doens't make the video MPEG4 format, just uses mp4 container to webm, which is basically a file name. I can transcode and edit normally these files, you probably doesn't have the right tools to do it. e.g Handbrake
  8. This is something that I can change, but honestly it just the filename, it doesn't not corrupt the file, I guess I coded wrong for some reason. Try to edit this file that you downloaded directly from steam and let me know if you can.
  9. Try download the hitman2 video directly from Steam and cut. This is the exatcly same url that the plugin downloads it: http://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/256719138/movie480.webm let me know if works Edit: Steam importer does not download videos from steam directly, it uses its own database.
  10. Most of the MP4 are webm in format (VP8 codec == WebM) that's why you can't use it on a video editor. I do not believe they are corrupt to be honest you just need the correct codec to open it on a third party editor.
  11. I mean, I would love to try to do it, if no one develop it I will do it(at least try), but I'm leaving now to another country and will be back in 30 days.
  12. So, you basically want to create shortcuts from Launchbox, so you can use it without even opening launchbox?
  13. I think it is fixed! Everyone please update your plugins
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