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    CHD files

    Thanks for your reply. I've got Cobra Command, Cliff Hanger, M.A.C.H. 3, Esh and other MAME games that require CHD files. I have them working on MAME. I've read that Daphne is not running Dragon's Lair on it's full potential. The images/scenes are compressed. MAME runs the laserdisc games to it's full potential. The Laserdisc games i have on MAME are 100% like the originals. I have an .iso for Dragon's Lair. Like what you said... Need to know what MAME is looking for in these .iso files to create a CHD.
  2. Alltattedup

    CHD files

    Hello everyone, I recently tried to convert ISO to CHD using chdman. Put CHD file in dlair folder with parent rom present. MAME gives a fatal error which says I need to compress with a/v codec. I also chdman .cue --input to CHD and still doesnt work. Any suggestions or sites I can check out that have the proper CHD file. dlair.zip-dlair folder. Thanks
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