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  1. Missing emulator confuguration FDS isnt available yet in LBA. In LB it use the same NES emulator. Just a reminder ;) not a life and death situation.
  2. Since the retroarch core to atari 5200 isnt user friendly, i managed to install and run the games with kat5200. In android is the same. Atari 5200 roms dont work with retroarch core (atari800_libretro), but the android version of kat5200 run the games on android. Would be nice the emulator be in Default Emulator list option in Emulator Settings.
  3. I installed LB Android and was working fine. Yesterday Retroarch updates the 32bit version on Play Store (something related to be 32/64 bit on same application) and LBA stopped working. Was going to a black screen. I got the previous version of Retroarch on apkmirror and LBA started working again. Another issue for me on SNK NGP. NGP.emu opens the roms normally, but launching the games in LBA will cause the application to crash and exit.
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