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  1. Later I will look how´s my folder but when I chose Box 3d visualization there were a lot missing in both scraping choices I tested. (Neo Geo and Arcade)
  2. Hi neil! Thanks for helping. First I scraped as Neo Geo AES and then tried Arcade. Neo Geo AES has boxes and 3d boxes, they are in the db. I just don´t know why they don´t download automatically, only manually.
  3. I tried with wikipedia, emumovies, still the same. Manually I can correct them so I can't understand whats the problem. Big Box is the same thing?
  4. Hi! I'm doing everything like ETA prime guides but my Neo Geo scraping is not good. I already tried scraping as SNK Neo Geo AES, MVS and Arcade. Lots of missing box arts, but the games are recognized perfectly. I believe my romset is good. Where can I see which rom names LB uses for Neo Geo AES? Thanks
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