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  1. Just wanted to note that I have never used launchbox on my laptop but purely installed every everything to export to android devices. Currently everything is almost running nicely except for for issues trying to get the Mame Neogeo working on my phone as it works on my nvidia shield. There does seem to be an issue where you cannot tell a platform to disable extract. If flips when you click it but when you view again it's enabled again. Auto disabled for Mame and arcade though. Feature requests that I would love to see. Would love the ability to see the platform images rather than the text. Possibility of using bezels easily. Maybe some functionality to add command parameters. The reason I ask is that I have recently discovered 3d shaders for enabled tvs projectors and the game play is fantastic. Maybe support for the music and video.
  2. Very impressed with the launchbox android app. Would love to have the following added. Mame Arcade stuff.. Art for systems rather than just the text. Favorites tagging. Play videos of the games. Previously used arc browser for my nvidia shield but this. Initial release is a fantastic start and looking forward to seeing this flourish on Android.
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