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  1. Okay, tomorrow I will be testing the new script and in case it continues to fail I will notify you here, thank you very much for the help to all
  2. It is possible to say that it only happens sometimes, sometimes it saves and sometimes it does not (the saving animation always does it but save only sometimes) I only have LB I don't have BB and at this moment I don't remember if it opens as an administrator or not. Is there any custom script for visualboy advance-m?
  3. If I use the standard script, but I also use it in pokemon yellow and I had no problems, only on the crystal. by the way I am Spanish speaking if my writing is wrong is because it is translated with the google translator.
  4. English (with google translate): Hello, my problem is that I have configured the visualboy advance-m in launchbox free and when I want to save the game in Pokemon Crystal, inside the game it does the action of saving (saving the game do not turn off the console ... Etc) but when returning to open the game I find that he has not saved anything, I am at the beginning of the game. I've tried to download another crystal pokemon rom and change the emulator version, but nothing. Also say that it only happens if I open the visualboy from launchbox and in yellow pokemon I don't have that problem. All possible help will be accepted, I have looked in this same forum and also on the Internet and I have not found anything, I am new to the forum, if I have done something else, tell me. En Castellano: Buenas, mi problema es que tengo configurado el visualboy advance-m en launchbox free y cuando quiero guardar la partida en pokemon cristal, dentro del juego hace la accion de guardar (guardando la partida no apague la consola... Etc) pero al volver a abrir el juego me encuentro con que no ha guardado nada, estoy en el principio del juego. He probado a descargar otra rom de pokemon cristal y a cambiar la version del emulador, pero nada. Decir también que solo ocurre si abro el visualboy desde launchbox y que en en pokemon amarillo no tengo ese problema. Se aceptara toda la ayuda posible, he mirado en este mismo foro y tambien en internet y no he encontrado nada, soy nuevo en el foro, si he hecho algo mas decidmelo.
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