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  1. Okay, apologies, I've done some more testing, and I've discovered this is not Launchbox's fault. Windows itself has the controller mapped incorrectly. I never noticed this until now, because programs like DS4Windows always corrected the controller themselves. Now I have to figure out how to get the controller mapped normally..
  2. 1: As I already stated in my post... 2: Yes, currently on Windows 10. ...and, I've made a discovery! So, BB has the DS4 mapped incorrectly. What is supposed to be the start buttons on an xbox controller, are the back triggers on a DS4. This isn't how they're meant to work, they're meant to be the same for both controllers. Is there any way to fix this mapping issue?
  3. Unfortunately disabling controllers won't be a fix for me.. I need BB's controller features.
  4. I've just purchased and set up BigBox to my liking, but I'm encountering an issue when using the program with my Dualshock 4. If either triggers (the mushy buttons on the back of the controller) are pressed, the game immediately closes. I've searched through the settings and cannot find anywhere where I've enabled this. I have my 'close active window' shortcut set to START+SELECT. For some more information about my controller setup, I am using DS4Windows to get my DS4 to function normally, but I was encountering an issue with double inputs when using it with Launchbox, so the program disables itself whenever BigBox is in focus and allows BigBox to take over handling the controller. The program re-enables itself whenever another program is brought into focus (i.e. from Launchbox lauching a game) This problem does not occur on my xbox one controller, only my DS4 has this issue. When running games without BigBox, this behaviour does not occur.
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