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  1. Thanks for suggestion. I am using the same set of name for those platform which I used in Window version. Any standard name for those platforms?
  2. Thanks for suggestion. I have tried to removed the version that could not be run. However, it is still not ok for FBA/MAME/ PCE . Is it the setup issue? (I have downloaded the core)
  3. It is ok if I used out launchbox. I have downloaded the cores.
  4. I have tried either the one from Playstore (normal or 64 bit) and the one (32 bit) directly download from the website but it could not be succeed. I am using Android 9.0 with my mobile (black shark). I have tried some simple roms such as NES/FDS, or MAME or PCE (SUPERGRAPIX), when I load the roms but it are in black screen. Before I loaded the roms, I have already download the cores and tried. Thanks for your suggestion in advance.
  5. I have a little bit upset because I cannot successfully run the game in my Android with retroarch. My system is Android 9, can anyone help me to solved it? Thanks for help in advance.
  6. luckyhippo

    Black screen

    I am using latest version of Android version and I have ran the PCE/NES/NEOGEO via retroarch. However, it is not work. Please suggest me how to do and thanks in advance.
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