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  1. not sure where else to ask this, but would it be possible to set it up where if we connect a bluetooth device launchbox would open, as well as if we press a certain key combination like start and select at the same time. lime maybe adding a setting we can enable/disable that activates a listener for this
  2. Jason, on the note of the GBA games not working, if i remember correctly the emulator handled gba differently than gbc/gb, Vgbanext used to be 2 separate emulators one for gbc/gb (which i beleive was named vgb), and the other was for GBA(called vgba), so the only thing i can think of is maybe in the code you are not referring to the right location/activity?
  3. yea it was, I was just wondering if you were trying to do a lot at once and it might have been a memory issue
  4. how many games are you trying to import at once
  5. My Boy! and My Old boy! gba and gbc/gb emulators (playstore versions) seem to work fine
  6. he added a lot, and the feature is still in beta, Jason Probably has not had time to add it yet. as of right now they need help making sure all the added/requested emulators are working because it is way too much for them to test on their own
  7. Strange... Basically it is saying something about permission denied, I tried Dming again, please let me know if you still dont see it, maybe I can find another way to send it to you, if it does not work this time
  8. Damonps2 didn't work sent you a dm with the reason
  9. Vgbanext crashes for gba games(not sure why... it is a gba/gbc/gb emulator) , works fine for gbc/gb Super retro16 works for snes so far
  10. just to be curious are you importing a lot at once, and have you tried doing it i batches, how big of a library are you doing... one hour does seem like a lot
  11. it is a wonderful emulator
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