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  1. Im happy this is figured out now I can actually start configuring things and importing all my Roms instead of just a few since i was just testing lol.
  2. Tested on a Secondary PC I think I've tracked the issue down... I think its possibly and audio issue... Because when I was testing on the 2nd PC I have audio for the game files and what not but on my main PC there is no such audio at all.... I run a Scarlett 2i4 and I think there is possibly something goofing up luanchbox with that somewhere... Edit: Yes it is linked to an audio issue I switched audio sources to my monitor on my main PC and the force closing issue is gone... Hmmm now to figure out why when I have my Scarlett as my audio source is the issue happening... Issue has been solved Updated the drivers for my 2i4 and issue is gone in Launchbox and in Bigbox.
  3. This is the 2nd installation i guess you could say... When I initially installed Launchbox it was setup on my C drive then I moved everything over to its own separate drive... But here is the thing if i go into bigbox mode and select that same PS2 file it does the same exact thing. Edit: Not sure if this is of any help but i opened task manager to monitor while clicking on a Genesis game it comes up "suspended" under status then proceeds to close itself. Also went and started closing programs 1 by 1 razer synapse,Corsair iCue, Aorus software etc problem still persists... Removed entire Genesis playlist and re-downloaded all artwork for the playlist still same issue... I cannot figure this out... I may test on a secondary PC to see if issue happens there using the same ROM files.
  4. It is a razer huntsman elite I do however have Icue installed because of my RAM and corsair light loop fans as it was needed to control the lighting effects.
  5. To make this easier to understand what im talking about here is a screen recording I just took.
  6. Yes I have checked it is mapped to CTRL + X to close. I cant even play these games I'm literally clicking on the game and it closes the entire program without warning.
  7. Just now as a test I imported an .Iso from my ps2 collection and upon clicking on the game i imported the issue does not happen... So I think there has to be a problem somewhere in my config for sega genesis.. Edit: Upon clicking the playstation 2 game in big box program still force closes =(
  8. Yes, Will only happen if I click on any game i can get into tools and everything else just fine. I will go ahead and check the mappings as you have suggested to see if I can find anything in there that may be causing this issue... And no I am not using any third party controller mappers.
  9. Hello brand new here so I hope this has not been covered before... I just purchased a lifetime license to bigbox and well I have a rather strange issue... If i open launchbox and do not click on any game everything is fine... But the moment I click on a game it will load the background image and the info about the game and then the entire program just closes itself... Same thing applies to Bigbox... I initially set everything up in the default locations but then as a test removed everything and "reinstalled" everything on to its own drive and the problem still persists... Really want to get this working but im kinda at a loss for whats going on here.. Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you! Edit: Attached a Log if it is of any help. Debug 2019-10-22 02-54-11 AM.log
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